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  • What about Nokia 9 PureView?

  • madbilly
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    Hi @Siema_CoTam the 9PV will get OS updates until sometime in 2021 and security updates until some time in 2022.

    Cheers 🙂

  • I hope that flagship models support lasts later.

  • madbilly
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    @Siema_CoTam all phones will receive the same length of support AFAIK, the flagships will be treated just as badly as the others!

    Cheers 🙂

  • GBM
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    Le pregunto si la versión global Nokia 6 TA-1025, comprada a través de Amazon Usa, recibirá sus parches de seguridad trimestrales hasta octubre de 2020. Sería justo que HMD Global aclarara ese detalle y especificara a nivel de submodelo (TA-1025, TA-1039 y descanso), que seguiría gozando de apoyo a la seguridad.

  • Nokia, when will you release an update for Android 10 for 6.1 Plus and 7 Plus phones?

    The current version is awful, see the following discussion:

  • martin.fd
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    edited January 2020

    Just received (first quarterly) January Patch on Nokia 8 as promised ... great, HMD 👍️🙂

  • #Nokia2BeFree


  • Rakib Hasan
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    i am using nokia 3 2017 and not getting the security patch update scene last 3 months.... my phone is stuck on October security patch update, no updates are coming......

  • Kartik Gada
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    Nokia 3 was released in 2017 and has received two major android updates along with 2 years of continuous monthly security updates. Now, it will only receive quarterly security patches this year till September 2020 and no more updates after that.

  • NPraw
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    With the ongoing situation at HMD, will this means the three-monthly security patch update facing delayed push? Just curious though. We are in the second week of March now, which is supposed to be the second quarterly security patch update (Nokia 3 got the SP in February, no?). And from what I've seen, update is likely to appear on the third or fourth week of the month.

  • user123
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    Atleast provide BOOTLOADER unlock for these devices which will be very helpful for us.

    Nokia devices are built for last which is true because I am using Nokia 6 from past 2 years which is well built phone, but it last update was scrap which make the phone not to respond (even phone, camera app) when its needed.

    I know HMD will not able to update phones until its last but you can provide a space for the developers to update the device to the latest version of android.

    HMD Please respond for this.

  • Hello

    Please provide update Android 10.

    I m a user of nokia 3...

    I know nokia update promise is end aftr Android 9. But the users of nokia 3 is appreciated to nokia if nokia provide update 10.


  • NPraw
    NPraw ✭✭✭

    Hi @HMDLaura, do you have any latest information on the quarterly SP for first gen phones? We all know about the new phones launch, Android 10 schedule, covid-19, etc. but at least some update on this topic wiil be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Android One could be a chance of longer support especially for still very efficient Nokia 8.

    That is a real shame that such good hardware will be wasted because of lack of support:(

    I am using it at work and I want to minimize the risks.

    The sad point of it is that the phone will be a risk factor. I got used to it. I would like to still use it. It is capable of running all I want and it's hardware is still very good.

    However we are being forced in this way to change our phone to new one: ( this is sad. I am understanding better an better users of phones with a fruit in the logo...

  • I roll back android 7.1.0 in Nokia 2

  • Software update my mobile

  • Im thinming ti get one of those 2

    or this one

    the thing is im not sure which one is better for 2022?

  • singhnsk
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    Hi, the XR20 is a better device in almost all areas if you're choosing between the two. However, the better product comes at a higher price as well - which is close to 3x.

    And unless you're sure that you need that durability, I'd recommend to go with the Nokia G21 (if it is available). Else the G20 should be your choice.

  • Riiiight .. this is on nokia C30

  • taxit0m
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    This is a joke right? The g300 is on a security update from January 5th, it's now May 2nd and there's been several patches released from Google since then that have not been patched for this phone yet. We are on a system update from April 2021, it's 13 months later, are we going to get any form of OS update? Doesn't your promise also include a minimum of 2 OS version upgrades? Not only I'd this not even the most up to date release of Android 11, but youve missed your 12 rollover deadline by might years, and there are already beta releases of Android 13.....

    What is the hold up?

  • I am so glad to see your note. This is the glitchest phone I have ever owned. Battery life good and scree not bad it it hangs up constantly. Get messages saying to wait or exit. Not only also but UI. Might have made a mistake buying this phone.

  • The company of this phone totally had an amazing idea creating this type of phone it's camera 📷 is well and okay

  • I am trying to find the pinout descriptions of the test points on my Nokia 7280.

    Kind Regards