Ovi / moodle site

I’ve been banging on about bringing back the Ovi store for feature phones to allow users to add apps and customise their phones.

Ovi / moodle site

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I’ve been banging on about bringing back the Ovi store for feature phones to allow users to add apps and customise their phones. In doing so I’ve seen a response about it’s cost to do so. Fair point but how about turning the idea on it’s head to use it as a marketing tool as well.

If all the apps/games/etc were tested, approved and uploaded by Nokia the quality should remain consistent and would avoid lots of duplicates. If the service was free (yes, free!) Nokia wouldn’t need any payment services, etc making the site easier to manage and update. Then way not use something that’s already tried and tested for ease of use by none technofiles makes it easy for anyone to maintain (such as a marketing team? Or dedicated user group?). Nokia could look towards something like Moodle which is used by thousands of schools, colleges, etc. and pay a donation fee to use it for business. As it’s open source Nokia could develop a free client to use on feature phones to use as a download site (not store as all downloads are free) for apps, games, wallpapers, ringtones for all Nokia models using S30+ that are capable of connecting and downloading. The site could also be multiple purpose for user feedback, a way to connect feature phones to forums, etc.

Throw in a few new apps (think original feature phone beta labs, etc. like Nokia  maps (now here we go), BBC news headlines or weather, scientific calculator, shopping list apps like remember the milk, etc), games ( think basic games revised for feature phones like older 80s/90s arcade style games, basic old PC games like sim city/original age of empires/original civilisation, football manager/ basic football game, fantasy football/stock market/ formula one getting data from established sites, chess, Viking chess, golf, etc.) per month to keep people coming back.

Please see my other discussions for other download ideas (such as re-release Nokia 301, etc.). Having it free means Nokia feature phone users have a good quality service which is lower cost to the company which shows innovation and can be used to marketing these phones. Links to websites for YouTube Nokia videos, general Nokia websites, support such as fixit guides, etc. could also be available.

Make it easy to navigate and well organised. No adverts on the site though please (major off putting for users. It could also help boost Nokia’s identity by having an app which links to the site on all relevant phones as default makes finding and using it very easy all for very little cost. Think Nokia Life app for Moodle.
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