My Nokia 3.1 is draining battery so much after pie update it sucks 3-5% a time why?

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  • I'm experiencing the same, and I don't understand why
  • Well I guess its every Nokia 3.1 users, updated to Android pie, that's facing the problem...I too face the problem and I also can't read my battery usage data.... People suggest a third party app from playstore, but its not that accurate like the original system 
  • I guess we just wait for further updates (New pie build) or, we could just wait for an upgraded os (Android Q) which is next year
  • Can it be solved
  • Reduce the brightness contrast of the screen. Make sure you charge the phone to 85% to 90% Don't let it reach 100% I'm enjoying mine. I'm planning to get another product from Nokia.

    Thank you.

  • Nokia please do something about this soon, it's very frustrating.