[Update]Android 10 Roadmap for Nokia phones



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  • need android 10 for nokia 8 also, that is not mentioned there!
  • Software updation provide by google..
  • Ask for Google
  • Update is late for 7.1 and 9 pureview
  • Got a nokia 71X, which was released for china and taiwan markets. Can't see it on the list. Anyone got idea when it might get update?
  • What about nokia 7.2?
  • February
  • Waiting for Android 10 for my nokia 7.2
  • Nokia 7.2?
  • Hi there. I have 8.1 ta1119. (128GB, 6GB). Running on october security patch, but still on android 9. When Will come android 10 update to this (special) version of 8.1?
  • Jacob Pathil
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    What about Nokia 8? It is having the same specs as the sirocco and is capable of android q, since it is even coming to ultra-budget devices as well...old include it as well
  • Why is it first android 10 on the nokia 8.1

  • [{"insert":"متى سوف يتوفر لنوكيا 7.2\n"}]
  • I never waited this much for my gf🤣

  • Nokia 7.1 November security update here

  • [{"insert":"When Nokia 7.2 get the update for Android 10? And security updates are also not pushed for October or November. I came to Android One platform for fast updates.\n"}]
  • Fed up with this Nokia 5.1 plus, specially with this Pie. Is it too much to ask for a stable device which can perform NORMAL functions? Every now and then the device is creating Problems. Sensor, Sound, Headphones and what not. I regret my decision to buy Nokia device.

  • jdi000
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    @Rishi Sadaphal

    Sorry to hear that but my 5.1 plus has no such issues, and only thing that needs improvement is the speed the camera app opens and takes pictures. I suggest you backup your phone and do a factory reset instead of trying to understand these issues you mention.

  • So, where's my new 7.2 in this list? :(

  • @HMDLaura

    Please let us know your decision about providing bootloader unlock for atleast first gen nokia devices, Whether you are going to provide the facility or not. because we are waiting and requesting from long time but there is no response from HMD Global.

    Looking forward for your reply..

  • Hey everyone, my Nokia 7.2 here in India recieved the November Security Patch. It was on the September security patch before that, which means it skipped over the October Maintenance Release as mentioned by Nokia, and installed the November patch. Does that mean we miss crucial fixes that may have been part of that October update?

    https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/388/R5IF9YU7D3SV.png There was an error displaying this embed.

  • When android 10 coming in nokia 6.1

  • FedyaG
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    Hey there! First of all, thanks for such a great commitment into software support for your devices, that values a lot! I meant to ask if you have any updated roadmap including your latest releases of 6.2 and 7.2.?

  • It's really ridiculous, nokia 8 was the first flagship but hasn't scheduled for theupdate. Wondering why many much lower nokia types can get android 10 update. So dissapointing, for sure, HMD policy by ignoring it will force the old fans to move to other brands and makes less temptation for trial users.