Nokia music app

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There was a music app called nokia music which came in symbians phone as well as windows phones, i like that app a lot because it had the wonderful user interface, can we get that app or a similar music app in near future?


  • singhnsk
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    Nokia Music was later on rebranded as Mix ARadio and then eventually discontinued. Nokia, today, does not bundle any apps on its devices. It is all Google services. No matter how sad it is, it is how it is. You will need to have some other apps to fulfilyour music playback needs.
  • Mix Radio was wonderful, in fact, was somehow Spotify's beggining.

  • Nokia has an amazing music library in shape of music but the music has changed according to new trend that's to make keep Nokia phone more update there is an app by installing it you can entertain yourself with more new music in shape of top music ringtones. Setasringtones that has a music category through it you download best music ringtones.

  • Nokia has privilege of trend setter in mobile phone all over the due to its compatibility and strong behavior of the metal bodies the most important thing about Nokia is they have very melodic ringtones department specially its signature ringtone. Everyone wants this ringtone in their any brand mobile, but there is one more thing that Nokia is the only brand mobile who sets Bollywood ringtones in it with best quality.