How do I send my phone back?

My Nokia 8 has developed a hardware fault with the camera under warranty.

How do I send my phone back?

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My Nokia 8 has developed a hardware fault with the camera under warranty. I submitted a warranty request with Nokia and received a DHL label to print off and take to a DHL service centre.

I've tried 3 DHL service centres near my home and work and none would accept it as they need an Account Number. Spoke to Nokia Support through online chat and they were useless, just telling me I need to arrange to have it picked up from my home.

I then arranged that, chose a day and had a message saying I would receive a time slot as soon as the collection was confirmed. Still no confirmation over a day later so again to Nokia support who initially fobbed me off by saying they'd escalate it and I would get an email at some point. I pushed for an answer there and then and, after almost an hour of repeating myself and pushing for an answer I was told that Nokia don't even have that information and couldn't help. I apparently had to phone DHL, though Nokia couldn't even give me a DHL reference number.

I booked the repair and collection through Nokia, so they should have the responsibility for this, right? It's so frustrating, wish I'd paid a bit more for a phone with decent customer support.


  • I'm in the same boat. Useless from Nokia...
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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread here but I am now in EXACTLY the same position and I am FURIOUS! Tried dropping it off at 2 places yesterday and even caught the DHL driver, they all said I need the account number. Looked everywhere for it but no sign of it in the e-mail or shipping label I was sent.

    Have spoken to Nokia on live chat and e-mailed them but no account number yet....what an absolute joke!! I have always loved my Nokia 8 but this is putting a real downer on Nokia for me. I need the phone repairing ASAP and this has delayed it. It shouldn't be this hard! Grrrrr

    Can I ask, how did you guys get your phones back to Nokia in the end?
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