Does any HMD Global executive ever visit this forum?

Yes, Juho has posted a couple of times on this forum but has never interacted with the users so i won't consider it.

Does any HMD Global executive ever visit this forum?

Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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Yes, Juho has posted a couple of times on this forum but has never interacted with the users so i won't consider it. And I have never seen anyone else from the HMD except the community staff who do their best to keep this forum active.

I request the HMD team to face your users. Spend some of your time on your own community as well and not just on Twitter sharing contest links from the community forum. 

Your designers can interact here, your CEO, CPO can and other country heads can join the discussions and also the people from the product team. I am not saying all the top executives should visit but they can come occasionally. We aren't requesting you to come here everyday. Come once a week or every two weeks or even once a month is fine. But just visit say hi, read user requests, problems and take some feedback. Please.

It feels like users keep on sharing their thoughts, bad experiences, Feature ideas, report bugs, but there's no one to listen to them. Just us users have a chat with each other and that's the end. 

We users invite you to join us once in a while. I hope someone from the top says Hi to the community and has a fun chat someday. And I hope that day comes soon. 😊


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    It looks like there was some excitement within some Nokia employees when the community was redesigned. After that, the community is more or less abandoned by the officials. Sure @HMD_Laura and other key community staff put in enough effort to keep it organized, but what we miss is the level of official engagement of HMD Global itself.
    Maybe the lack of interest is because the community has been a ground for people to report their issues, and HMD does not want to address or acknowledge the issues. Because once they do, there is a responsibility that it should be looked into and be fixed. Would have been all good if issues were rare. But unfortunately, there are quite too many issues with both software and hardware, even though the software is sold as "pure" and hardware as "solid and durable".

    Mr. @Sanjoy was supposed to do an AMA here, but then he is not seen even logging in to the community after that, answering is a far different story. There's absolutely a need for real HMD staff (which works on products) to browse these forums. Because it is their best place to know what consumers want from their Nokia phone, and if they are happy with their existing phone, and if they are facing any issues and also the ideas which consumers give for the future phones. It is also these consumers who have put trust in Nokia after its return, and these should be valued the most. Because if they weren't there, the first chapter of HMD phones wouldn't have been written at all.

    I have started losing hope, but Ms. Laura did increase some hope with the content creation ideas thread. So, let's hope that she puts in all her best efforts to make those recommendations happen as much as possible. More AMAs, more employee activities, more key personnel answering users directly, and more happiness is what we need here.

    I also hope that future launches by HMD Global will be more appealing and better in terms of hardware and software so that there is a balance between happy users and unhappy users here to increase the satisfaction level. There should also be more reasons for normal (happy or neutral) users to be here, be it via contests or more content so that it does not become only a place for users to come and raise complaints about their product. And then it is probably the time when the employees can start talking here. Currently, it can be understood that they will be bombarded with a truck of complaints and questions if they try to start a dialogue.

    Also, HMD should not ignore the awesomeness that happened under Lumia. I know the Nokia brand said goodbye after that which can be a reason for hate in ex-Nokia employees, but Lumia itself wasn't bad. It was better than the Nokia we have today. The employees were happy and talking; the employees were dedicated, the employees were keen on showing their creativity to the world; the marketing was colorful and impressive. Nokia was once again making the world talk again for all the right reasons. If you ignore that, you ignore one of the most organized and fastest product delivery cycles that ever happened under Nokia. I have loved Lumia design and hardware, and even if the software lacked, it had a very high satisfaction level for its stability, updates, and smoothness.
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