Battery drain

My Nokia 6.1 battery drains too fast😐

Battery drain

Vikas D Vikas D
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My Nokia 6.1 battery drains too fast😐


  • Esijan Esijan
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    I think you'd better to reset your mobile phone. If you couldn't solve your problem I guess the problem is from your mobile since first day you bought.😀
  • C.Manivannan C.Manivannan
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    Battery drain problems for these reasons

    * Any time battery charging
    * Full night battery charging
    * Using mobile while charging
    * Malware or unwanted apps on mobile
    *  Week battery

    Solution for Battery drain

    * Don't charge 100%. Charge it up to 90%
    * Don't charge it before 15% battery
    * Daily 1hour charge battery.
    * If virus problem in your phone,flash it @       Nokia care.

    After 1 year my Nokia 6.1 doesn't meet battery drain problem.
  • Sumit A Sumit A
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    Nokia 6.1 battery isnot good. It does not hold up even in my phone. I do not know what to do.
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