Nokia phones rank #1 in software updates & security globally

Howdy We're thrilled to see Nokia phones rank number 1 in software updates & security, compared to other smartphone brands.

Nokia phones rank #1 in software updates & security globally

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We're thrilled to see Nokia phones rank number 1 in software updates & security, compared to other smartphone brands. It's surprising to see only about 25% of top Android phones get the latest OS version, yet Android Pie is already out for 96% of Nokia smartphones. That’s according to the Counterpoint study. It's important to note, the top position is on the frequency and speed of updates and upgrades. Nokia phones also came up as the only brand pushing all security patches across the entire portfolio. The white paper also explains super well how important software updates are as they deliver the latest features (e.g. Digital Wellbeing), improve power efficiency (e.g. Adaptive battery), processing and security. This is what we mean when we say Nokia phones just keep getting better.

More at the Counterpoint website and Twitter:

Security is a constant concern and objective for us. For all our solutions.

— Risto Siilasmaa (@rsiilasmaa) August 30, 2019

Report: Nokia leads way for Android updates, but who are other winners, losers?

— Android Authority (@AndroidAuth) August 30, 2019

Some highlights from @CounterPointTR latest whitepaper on “Software and Security Updates: The Missing Link for Smartphones”. Nokia’s performance is a competitive advantage as all other brands are far behind.

— tarun pathak (@Tarunpathak) August 30, 2019

One of my favorite graphs ever and I've seen a few 🤓

— Juho Sarvikas (@sarvikas) August 30, 2019

Android phone brands ranked by OS update frequency: Nokia is #1

— TNW (@thenextweb) August 30, 2019


  • hajian hajian
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    سلام آیا نوکیا ۱به تلویزیون متصل میشه
  • drlogics drlogics
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    Proud Nokia phone user! One of the reasons why I recently bought a 6.1. You did it, congrats. I agree, it's no easy feat! 
  • thanoofnaina thanoofnaina
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    congratulations all behind those works.keep doing great😍😃😃
  • nitinkachare nitinkachare
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    Good Job Done by HMD Global Team.Congratulations for your efforts to bring Software Updates i.e.OS Upgrade took seriously even on non android one devices as well.
  • I'm Sanu I'm Sanu
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    Congratulations...Nokia 🥂🎉🎉🎉
  • Dnyanesh7 Dnyanesh7
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    Congratulations Nokia Support Team.
  • Congratulations to the Nokia team and hope to see Nokia comes on number 1 place in all forms like the old days 😁 
  • Viccky Viccky
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    Finally HMD has got something to brag.
  • Karaj Karaj
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    The updates are useless if they break more things than they fix. Ever read the forums of any phone, the quality of your updates are, well useless. And don't start with evenwell. Still it is good.
  • OM 2606 OM 2606
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    This proves not only hardware but also the software aspects makes Nokia a trustworthy brand. 
  • lsr lsr
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    NOKIA always be the number one. When i was Symbian user that time Nokia has given timely updates. I'm die hard fan of Nokia n used so many mobile including Asha, Symbian S40 S60, Lumia series till 620 to 1520 n currently Sirocco user. Thanks Nokia but please bring back Nokia camera n action shot feature.
  • praveenp praveenp
    ✭✭✭✭  /  edited September 2019
    Congratulations HMD & Nokia.
    I am proud to be a part of this Nokia family... Felt happy to rejoin Nokia in 2018 after leaving it in 2012 with the Nokia 5235 (that still runs without any issues)... I actually spent 2 months with a broken phone waiting for Nokia 7 Plus to launch...

    And there is indeed no doubt that Nokia excels in providing timely updates to its smartphones.
    Overall, a happy Nokian since past 15 months, and I believe, this will be carried forward for more and more months and years to come.

    But what MATTER AND BOTHERS ME IS ""LACK OF ANY KIND OF FEATURE UPDATES"" for the devices. Google patches are a part of Android One program, so the devices are up-to-date. But Nokia as a brand, should also work upon and give some updates for its native apps (although a few of them).

    I have been repeatedly saying the same things all over the forum and over twitter, and today repeating it once again. Please give AT LEAST ONE "GOOD UPDATE" for Nokia 7 Plus's camera. The last one was in October 2018. If we users have paid INR 26000 for such a great device, then at least WE DESERVE this much from HMD and Nokia. It is nothing much. The developers just need to work upon a bit of code to add more usability to the Pro Mode and a refined algorithm for minor enhancements.
    I know nobody gonna listen to me just like all those requests that go unnoticed on twitter, but still, I will write it here, and other places too. Because as a customer and a consumer of Nokia and its services, I feel it is right to ask for something.

    I hope my concerns do not fall upon deaf ears, again.

  • joe367 joe367
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    @madbilly can't blame them, there are many customers simply asking for updates as soon as they hear something...there are so many threads in the forum asking for Q Update!
  • Incredible job HMD global ...proud to be back to the Nokia family after a long time.
    Hope that this continues in the upcoming years too.
  • Nida Samad Nida Samad
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    <b></b>Congratulations HMD Global. But, the recent update last week has made my 6.1 plus randomly reboot for no apparent reason. The phone, infact had a system reset just a day before.
  • Hallo hab ein Problem habe ein Nokia 2.1 sein Touchscreen funktioniert sehr schlecht er lädt immer sehr lange um ein Programm auf zu machen können sie mir da bitte weiterhelfen ich bin noch im garantiefall er ist gerade ein halbes Jahr alt
  • praveenp praveenp
    ✭✭✭✭  /  edited September 2019
    Congratulating once again.
    But, if Nokia and HMD are over with the celebrations of this achievement, can we get back to serious business??

    September is about to end in a few days... But my Nokia 7 Plus hasn't received any update till now....
    I know people at Nokia and HMD have some sort of serious grudge against Nokia 7 Plus (that's why this device was never given any attention, never given any feature upgrades, and finally discontinued within a few months of launch), but at least provide monthly security patch updates till the promised period of 2 years, if not 3 (I have already lost all hopes for any Camera related updates, so won't ask for it again)... It's just this thing which we users want after paying premium, even though monthly updates don't do anything great to the device....
    After the promise period, I promise, I won't even ask for any update or support. But till then, all I expect from Nokia is to stick to the promise...

    Thank you.
  • PhantomR PhantomR
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    Well considering i had to wait over 6 months from having my nokia 7.1 in december 2018 and a post in the forum before i started getting any kind of software / security update that kind of sheds a little doubt on this achievement...i then went from android 8.1 straight to android 9 and 3 patches/security updates later i don't have a working phone anymore...someone said above "quality of updates" but i also believe this should relate to customer service & live chat options also...treat the users with the same respect you have for your devices and interact with us more often...and make this HMD NOKIA Family Bulletproof.
  • Puppy2019 Puppy2019
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    October security patch delivered to Nokia 7 Plus today (October 9).
    ✭✭  / 
    well done
  • dubz dubz
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    I've bought a Nokia exactly for this reason, but
    When will October security patch be delivered to Nokia 4.2? Up to now (18/10) i still haven't received it, and there are 3 critical Remote Code Execution in the Media Framework (could be exploited by watching a video), and a Privilege Escalation in the kernel (CVE-2019-2215) currently being exploited in the wild...
    Maybe you should really use the beta labs program, so who cares about updates can get them timely and you can get detailed bug reports by techies who accept the risk of having something not working. And then roll the stable updates for everyone else.
  • Puppy2019 Puppy2019
    ✭✭  / 
    Nokia 3.2 is still stuck on July 2019 update. There are more reports of this issue.
  • Amit03 Amit03
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    After October Security update in the Indian Variant Nokia 6.1 Plus I have reset my device and while configuring with Google prebundled apps some malware also getting installed which we can't uncheck. These malwares are Dailyhunt, PhonePe and Sharechat. How Nokia become No. 1 if they adding malware in the security patch??
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