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no. 1 in software updates, this is not true. in fact if you have latest flagship nokia phones then you get timely updates and also full support from nokia.

Nokia phones rank #1 in software updates & security globally


  • Mukul Mukul
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    no. 1 in software updates, this is not true. in fact if you have latest flagship nokia phones then you get timely updates and also full support from nokia. in other hands if you purchase less popular phones like nokia 3.1 plus then the timely updates not necessary. nokia 3.1 plus got updates one month delayed after officially launched in nokia's website. this is the truth of indian nokia 3.1 plus devices. i cant tell about other countries.
  • ambadas9 ambadas9
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    ☺️ WOW Nokia is back with No 1 in Phone Market

  • Praladh Praladh
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    [{"insert":"I have nokia x7 and I'm purchase this phone from china.. I'm in nepal now... but I'm not getting update from july... I don't understand why...???\n"}]
  • [{"insert":"Please provide inbuilt call recorder facilities in next update like other phone company\n"}]
  • user1553198860957 user1553198860957
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    [{"insert":"Please provide inbuilt call recorder\n"}] like other phone company
  • > @tim.m said:
    > Howdy
    > We're thrilled to see Nokia phones rank number 1 in software updates & security, compared to other smartphone brands. It's surprising to see only about 25% of top Android phones get the latest OS version, yet Android Pie is already out for 96% of Nokia smartphones. That’s according to the Counterpoint study. It's important to note, the top position is on the frequency and speed of updates and upgrades. Nokia phones also came up as the only brand pushing all security patches across the entire portfolio. The white paper also explains super well how important software updates are as they deliver the latest features (e.g. Digital Wellbeing), improve power efficiency (e.g. Adaptive battery), processing and security. This is what we mean when we say Nokia phones just keep getting better.
    > (Image)
    > More at the Counterpoint website and Twitter: is a constant concern and objective for us. For all our solutions.
    > — Risto Siilasmaa (@rsiilasmaa) August 30, 2019
    > Report: Nokia leads way for Android updates, but who are other winners, losers?
    > — Android Authority (@AndroidAuth) August 30, 2019
    > Some highlights from @CounterPointTR latest whitepaper on “Software and Security Updates: The Missing Link for Smartphones”. Nokia’s performance is a competitive advantage as all other brands are far behind.
    > — tarun pathak (@Tarunpathak) August 30, 2019
    > One of my favorite graphs ever and I've seen a few 🤓
    > — Juho Sarvikas (@sarvikas) August 30, 2019
    > Android phone brands ranked by OS update frequency: Nokia is #1
    > — TNW (@thenextweb) August 30, 2019

    Gr8 to be part of Nokia
  • Gr8 to be part of Nokia
  • Puppy2019 Puppy2019
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    Not really. Nokia 7 Plus is still on November 2019 security update in Europe.

  • ElvoDavidz ElvoDavidz
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    Hello, after updating to Android 10 in my Nokia 6.1 plus, my phone can't access wi-fi and phone book not working well in terms of searching contacts, i have to do it manually and scroll down all my contacts, really annoying!!! please help.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Nokia phones sold in China have stopped receiving the updates. That's something due to breakdown of regional team there. And it is unlikely that those phones will be updated anymore.

  • Magicdesign Magicdesign
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    Uk Nokia 9 is still on November security patch.

  • Hello !

    I'm sorry, but the Nokia 4.2 device is still unable to install the December 2019 software update and the January 2020 update because the December update is corrupted on the Nokia/HMD server ! So Nokia is not first for everyone ...

    And I do not speak about Android 10 software ....

    It is a shame that it takes more than 2 months to replace a corrupted file on a server by the correct one !

    And this is not because we did not ask the Nokia support team .... I contacted them 7 times now....

  • chicB chicB
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    Still banging on about the USELESS last software that we received. Where are my photos ? Nothing not a word about the phones crashing , 50% of the functions NOT FUNCTIONING. it's a joke , what about the NON comparability of memory cards ?? who the **** is in charge of this gig ? No apology Nothing .......

  • Party time is Nokia 8.1 is still on Android 9 with securitypatch oktober 2019!!! It,s 15 february 2020 now and my phone is sold as a Android One phone( most 8.1 users already have android 10 with the actual securutypatch since october 2019)

  • Pramod12345 Pramod12345
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    its good but.

    For some old devices like Nokia 5 .

    You guys stopped giving update, and also locked the bootloader so people can't change anything is OS. Why????

    You are not giving the update so atleast give the option to unlock the bootloader. here I'm very dissapointed.

  • manishsaini776 manishsaini776
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    Waste of time and money. Updates are of No use. No Bug Fixes for 3 Months. Cracking Sound Issue After Android 10 Update not fixed in Nokia 6.1 Plus. Such a waste brand.

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @Pramod12345, the Nokia 5 should still be receiving updates every 3 months (unless you have a China model). If this is not happening for your phone then please contact support directly.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Yes nokia mobileNokia phones rank #1 in software updates & security globally and mobile devices are very good but Mobiles are high cost some people doesn't Refer and doesn't buyuing that's are problems .

    So we try to low the nokia mobile budget and many people are trying to reffer nokia mobiles.

    Thank u so much ❤️.

  • akash1489 akash1489
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    Why android 10 not coming in only in NOKIA 3.1 plus and NOKIA 5.1 PLUS? and why nokia doesn't send updates time to time for nokia 3.1 plus? Nokia 3.1 plus never got the march security patch HMD just skipped the update and delaying to push the update for nokia 3.1 plus therefor who i can say "Nokia phones rank #1 in software updates & security globally"


    Can any one Explain ??

  • Mukul Mukul
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    nokia 5.1 plus was nokia's first notch phone in budget category and was sold out more than nokia 3.1 plus thats why nokia ignore nokia 3.1 plus but pay attention to nokia 5.1 plus that much that the officials of nokia announced in twitter for nokia 5.1 plus but not our nokia 3.1 plus.

  • Is it also better then Apple's security.

  • FanNokia FanNokia
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    Muchas felicidades Nokia (HMD) por ser el número uno en dar actualización y parches de seguridad. No me arrepiento de ser un usuario Nokia, desde mi primer Nokia 3 y después el 5 y ahora tengo el 7.1 y los que faltan. Eso si, necesitan poner mas atención a los errores que esta presentando varios de sus teléfonos ( en mi caso nokia 7.1) que cuando lo actualice a android 10 vino con varios problemas molestos. Y no soy el unico, espero que den respuesta a una actualización de mantenimiento, no nos abandonen. Presten atención a los comentarios de los usuarios, necesitamos una respuesta de algun miembro del grupo por favor!

    Saludos! :)

  • mico1981 mico1981


    I have Nokia 2.3 and I restored the phone to factory setting and

    after that, I found that I lost all my pictures I tried to recover it by myself

    i didn't success i found a local company NiwTech they offer to recover my files

    but after 4 hours they contact me back saying nothing can be recovered because

    its secure restore and because i never sign with my google account to my phone

    my files are not on google cloud too is that right or there is another way?

    Thank You

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @mico1981,

    If the photos weren't backed up in any way then unfortunately they're probably lost unless you can find someone to use JTAG or something to manually read the eMMC storage on the phone and recover what's stored in the unused space.

    But unless they're very important photos I think that will be too expensive / difficult.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Willi_emz Willi_emz
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    Great news congratulations

  • Please, what's the differences between 7 plus model TA-1062 and TA-1046?

    I ordered for 1062 and delivered to me was 1046.

    Thank you.

  • Bohr Bohr
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    #NOKIA has been always the legend for its hardware properties. I wish to have both hardware and software of NOKIA mobiles on the spot #1.

  • That's a great wonder! I wanted to purchase a Huawei Honor 8S, but because its price was high I bought Nokia C1 TA-1165. Although it lacked voice recorder and webbrowser initially, its superior technology is superfluously appreciable. Ironically, despite having half of Honor's price (1,850,000 tomans vs. 3,200,000 of Honor) its quality is so great that my sister regretted buying Honor 8S and appreciated Nokia C1. I hope all telecom companies, including Nokia, be successful in quenching peoples' needs. Were it not my country

  • naimnaim143 naimnaim143
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    Since I bought my Nokia 1 from its original android version 8.1 until today after I upgraded to android 10 I can not move files from phone storage into sd card. I regreted also that I upgraded my phone to android 10 it become worse. I can not use the sd card as default for youtube, camera and other uses. It say sd card error.

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