microphone issue

Hi, I got into an issue that my microphone is not working during calls but it's working fine with Google assistant. People in the other side couldn't hear me but I can hear them. But this is not an issue anymore at speaker mode or when I am using a headset. Also the issue is avoidable when I cover the phone with hand and talk during the call or if I directly talk through the microphone by placing the phone horizontally near the mouth. Is it hardware issue or a software issue? Any help!


  • I see the Microphone issue on Nokia G20, while calling to other mobile numbers. Microphone works good with other application though. I just can't believe Nokia still has this issue (year 2021-22) which is very much known from long time and yet no permanent solution. When contacted online chat, they suggested some setting , which to me looks just a temporary workaround and not a permanent solution.

    We know that nokia is not doing good in phone market and looks like they dont even care about same.. No competitive attitude. Will have to decide if I really wants to keep the phone.