Bad Quality of Nokia Phones

Listening to the name NOKIA, the things that come in mind are Trust, Reliability, Ease of Use, Build Quality and all that good things.

Bad Quality of Nokia Phones

Viccky Viccky
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Listening to the name NOKIA, the things that come in mind are Trust, Reliability, Ease of Use, Build Quality and all that good things.

Well, Change is a law of Nature and same law has been applied on brand NOKIA by infamous HMD GLOBAL, Home of Pure, Secure and Up to Date android.

Prior to 2014, brand NOKIA was true to their philosophy bcoz it was in hands of Nokia corp. but after 2014 the brand started wandering here and there, for few months it was in the hands of MS then a young noob,lazy,lewd HMD appeared and took the charge of brand NOKIA in 2016. 
Since 2016, brand NOKIA has been going through bad phases more than ever. All the reliability, trustworthiness, ease of use have gone in one snap (yes just like Thanos' snap ;-)

First HMD phone I bought was Nokia 5, on the 7th day of its youth it started having touch problem (Ghost touch and unresponsive touch) I visited care centre they put my phone with them for 1 day then probably flashed or reset that  and gave me back. For 2 days it worked okay but again the same problem occured and somehow I beared with that.

I bought Nokia 106 six months back and the Power key, down navigation key have bacome unresposive; I need to press them very hard and from down corner to make them work. I never expected such problem in a Nokia feature phone.😣

Next I see the problem of 6.1 plus users, they are continuosly complaining about bad USB port which is apparently a manufacturing defect.

*There are many more phones to count but I won't.

This all sums up that HMD's quality control is very pathetic. It is pathetic that  phones under Nokia brand are facing such issues. Earlier Nokia phones never had these kind of silly issues. 🙁

P.S.- Earlier being a Nokia user was easy & peaceful job and users rarely needed to know the address of Care centre but now users need to know care centre address before buying a Nokia phone.

Adding a youtube link here, do watch it.
 I wonder if HMD performs such tests on their  phones-  


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Ahh man, if even a feature phone fails, it is a severe quality control issue. Because I've used Nokia feature phones to hit people and use them like if they were Rugged phones. Nothing ever happened to those boys.
    HMD's smartphones are indeed full of issues, well, it's nothing surprising because HMD is only a brand licensee. FIH Mobile did nearly everything for the HMD smartphones and hmd only gave it the Nokia logo to stamp and sell. If at the end of the day, the Nokia brand even gets synonym to low quality products, HMD loses nothing. It is only a loss for Nokia Corporation. HMD will make its money and walk away 😂😂

    That video is a promise which a Nokia phone always made to its users, that it will stay during the hard and tough times. Sure, bigger displays can break and that's okay. But faulty USB ports, dying cameras, touchscreen ghosting and internal issues are just becoming pretty common on HMD's phones.
  • Viccky Viccky
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    @singhnsk HMD is a loss making company I donot see them turning profitable any time soon.

    Btw looking for a wired earphone under Rs. 1500/- Planning to buy Nokia WH-301 but since HMD is involved I am afraid of its quality. What do you say?
  • Let's post it on twitter

  • If anyone got a solution please share.

  • Od Od
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    I'm starting to think that this is the truth of Nokia. The quality is decent for the price, but some of the tradeoffs seem ridiculous to me.

    My Nokia 5.1 Plus had charging problems almost throughout the time I had it. Sent it out to Nokia Care to get fixed after thirteen months of use and the repair collapsed after a couple of months. That is not to mention other annoyances, like the constant hanging.

    My new Nokia 5.3 is going fairly, but I noticed that, just like my Nokia 5.1 Plus after the Android 10 update, there is no feature for blocking unwanted hotspot access from other devices. I was told to password my hotspot as if I wouldn't. I live in Nigeria, who in Nigeria uses a hotspot without a password? The issue was restricting access to trusted devices that I didn't want accessing the Internet when I wasn't using them. It's ridiculous that this sort of feature should just disappear. Does it really save money to remove it?

  • Initially, the new technology, urge to digitalize and innovation were also amongst some of the reasons for success. However, over time, the excessive growth rate, loss of agility, and the lack of innovative leadership resulted in the failure of Nokia as the company on the strategic level.


  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    I bought Nokia 5.3 in September, all was good, suddenly after a month display problems started means screen retention problems, camera autofocus does not work when you start the app, it takes around a minute to start working, means point and shoot is a complete no no. This is the first phone I bought from India and the first one to have this kind of complaint.

    Earlier phones with me now were purchased from UAE like Nokia 5, 6, 6.1 and 7.1. none of these phones had any complaints with display, camera, charging port etc. They are still working fine. So it's clear from this, that the quality control issues are from the units manufactured in India and the worst part, the prices are on the higher level.

    So I've decided never to buy any Nokia phone from India and get them only from UAE.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    There weren't such issues in the units made in India too. The reason is a change of ODM/OEM who does manufacturing now. It is no longer FIH Mobile and instead several scattered ODMs who most likely charge hmd more money, and in return hmd dropped the quality to still manage to get the margins right. The display issues on 6.2/7.275.3 are valid irrespective of wherever you have made your purchase :(

  • I just bought a Nokia 7.2, out of the box (after update) no camera flah or flashlight, gets very hot, battery from 100% to 50% in 6 hours, spontaneous recycling, off, boot, on off etc. Very disappointed. Vendor (drexel) will not take back, expect me to return for repair at my own expense. This is not right.

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