Nokia 8: Questions and Answers

Hi all,  we already have a thread about what do we think about Nokia 8 (in product launches forum), but there are still some features that weren't explained enough or even mentioned on, for example, the official product page.

Nokia 8: Questions and Answers

stipe1906 stipe1906
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Hi all, 

we already have a thread about what do we think about Nokia 8 (in product launches forum), but there are still some features that weren't explained enough or even mentioned on, for example, the official product page. So I imagined this to be like a Q&A for Nokia 8 where we could post some easy-answerable questions and maybe someone from Nokia Mobile could respond and clarify the situation.

To begin with, I have two questions:

1. Does Nokia Mobile plan to make a whitepaper about Nokia 8's camera? Whitepapers have been interesting to read with the 808, 920, 1020, 1520 and so on, and it would be a nice way to explain the Technology used to users and the media.

2. What kind of loudspeaker does the Nokia 8 have? I really would like to know more about it, because the official product page does not mention it. Is it the same dual-speaker with the smart amplifier as on the 6, or something else?

Thanks in advance to all Nokia Mobile members that will take time to answer some (or all) of the questions here. :)


  • Sisu Matt Sisu Matt
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    Also as seen on some websites does the shiny polished blue version come with 6GB 128GB?

  • gordon_pcb_designer gordon_pcb_designer
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     A couple of questions/requests about camera:

    • Do you have any plane about offering the old Lumia UI for the manual settings? (pro or whatsoever)
    • Do you have any plane to let users to choose to shot in RAW format? this is really a MUST imho. If so, you also should consider to give the RAW format even if shooting with B/W sensor alone, vevn inf sadly there is no OIS on this

    Kiitos for attention :D

  • mobilecr mobilecr
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    in accordance to media, the version of nokia 8 with 6GB ram y 128GB storage is shinny blue for the american market as well as china.  the shinny version for the rest of the world would only be different in having 128GB instead of 64GB but 4GB will remain.

  • madbilly madbilly
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     I read today that the 128GB memory / 6GB RAM version will be available in November. It will be the "polished blue" version.

    I don't like that colour so much as I would like to - I was hoping it would look be brighter, like what I see if I search for Nokia in google images.

    So, because polished blue is disappointing, I hope it will also be available in copper! :)

  • madbilly madbilly
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     I agree about the whitepapers, I'd also like to see a return of these.

  • KF Chan KF Chan
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    When will there be an update to the camera firmware or software? Have been quite disappointed with the sharpness and details from the Nokia 8. Significantly behind the Lumia 950 and not even as sharp as the Galaxy S7 Edge. And these are not new phones.

  • Kurimash Kurimash
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     Why on earth is the shiny blue version different in RAM quantity on the American market? 4Gb is not much, would appreciate 6Gb as the americans get!

    I don't understand the business idea of not telling when to expect the #copper version. It's not only competing against other Nokia products. Don't make the same mistakes as "the old Nokia"!

  • madbilly madbilly
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     I read that the 6GB polished blue version was also available in Finland, so it's not only North America.

    However, I agree with your point - I want a copper version with 6GB RAM... but I don't think Nokia will ever make one! I don't really understand why not, after all it's just the same internals with a different cover which they already have.

    But since we don't even know when the 4GB copper version will be available then a 6GB version really is a pipe dream.

  • user1507870974494 user1507870974494
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    Hey Nokia,

    Couple of questions from my side (quick intro, im a huge fan of Nokia mobile from starting.. and i am still using Nokia x2-02 and lumia 925.. and waited for much time to see nokia to come back with android).


    1. Nokia 8 in India is of variant 4GB RAM and 64GB internal HDD, price is around $530. it is highly expensive for people with these technical features other than camera and sound technologies included.

    -- are you planning to give Nokia best quality and technical features for the prices of competitive products? (like One Plus 5 - which gives far better RAM and internal HDD with great features).

    2. Why only in US and China 6GB RAM variants are released?

    -- I am waiting to buy Nokia 8 because of price for which those technical features are coming is not a good choice in my view.. but i still wait for right phone from Nokia to come and unleash in India.

    Thank you Nokia,

    Sreekar J

    [email protected]

    Waiting for your reply.

  • The Nokia 8 has a single loudspeaker - the Nokia 6's stereo setup didn't make the cut. The lone driver can pump out a lot of decibels if the tune is right and it scored an Excellent rating in our three-pronged test. It kept its sound distortion-free even at max volume, too.

  • i have purchase nokia 8 few days later speaker of this product stop working

    now from last more than one month it is with nokia repair center.they didn't give me back still i am waiting for my mobile 

    nokia 8 product and nokia repair center is not working well as before

  • user1515493823669 user1515493823669
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    i will suggest  you don't purchase nokia 8 mobile

    because this product need you to inter gmail address and all your data will be sent to google account

    nokia 8 speaker is not good enough

    my nokia 8 mobile speaker stop working after one week when i buy it

    since last one month it is with nokia repair center for repairing but till date no reply from nokia

  • Please tell me nokia 8 is notification light or not in india
  • mrbelter mrbelter
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    The Nokia 8 doesn't have a notification LED anywhere on the planet, seriously it isn't an issue once you get used to it.

  • user1526815783421 user1526815783421
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    Nokia 8
    problems on Oreo 8.1 version


    I’m not
    happy at all with my Nokia 8 after Oreo 8.1 upgrade, Dot notification is
    not working there is no Dot and no counter for any kind of notification (SMS,
    Email, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Facebook,.....) also notification sound is not
    coming for all. 


    have reset factory my Nokia 8 5 times since I bought it, then I did a downgrade
    to Android 7 I noticed there is no such issues, all notifications where coming
    properly with counter dot on each icon.


    there was a ready update only waiting for a restart, I tried to not restart my
    device but it happened and I’m now again suffering from my very bad Mobile
    Nokia 8 with latest Android. Buying this mobile is my worse thing I did in my


    your help urgently 



    Sound Notification
    issues (not coming) randomly with no reason why

    Notification is not working

    poor quality


    phone jack is not working properly

  • Budiwibowo Budiwibowo
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    Help me!!! How to pause when we recording a video???
  • user1528270040459 user1528270040459
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    I just got nokia 8 camera pro update. But my camera app is crashing. It's saying "couldn't connect to camera". And it is having problem to focus. Live bokeh mode was good before update. Please fix this.
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