Nokia 3.1 + 00WW_3_25B + Movistar Spain SIM card => no mobile data

Hello everyone,

since the last firmware update (00WW_3_25B) my Nokia 3.1 cannot receive or transmit mobile data with its Movistar Spain SIM card.
With the Movistar support I went through the whole testing procedure (óvil/Nokia-3-1-con-firmware-00WW-3-25B-no-tiene-más-datos-móviles/m-p/3928881):
- network configuration reset on my side
- network configuration reset on their side
- factory reset of the mobile
Nothing of those did help.
The cross test showed that the mobile and the SIM card themselves work fine (the mobile can send and receive mobile data with a SIM card of a different provider and the Movistar SIM card works fine in other mobiles including mobile data).

So the suspicion came back to the latest firmware update. As Movistar Spain has no insight into the firmware they referred me to Nokia. I contacted Nokia support, explained the situation but they said they will not look into it. However, I may send in the mobile to get a replacement. After initial frustration, I think they made the right call as I seem to be the only one that has this problem so far.
In case I'm not alone, this thread will hopefully catch and focus the people affected.

- In case that you are affected with the same problem, can you please leave a note below?
- Also, if you have access to a Nokia 3.1 with the latest firmware version and a Movistar Spain SIM card and your mobile data *does* work, can you also comment, please?

The next steps for me are as follows:
- wait for the September update and hope this somehow fixes the problem
- else: send in the mobile and see if the replacement phone has the same problem
- desperation: Try to flash an older firmware onto the phone and see whether upgrading to a later firmware version (September, December 2019 ...) and thereby skipping 00WW_3_25B solves the problem.



  • Well, the new update has dropped and installed without any error, but the mobile data with the Movistar SIM card still does not work.

    I will be busy with other issues in October, so in November I might get the opportunity to send in the mobile and see if a replacement unit solves the problem. I will report back here in case anyone is tracking the case.

  • Billwin
    Billwin ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    My Nokia 3.1, running Android 9; data roaming stopped while en route from UK to France. Coincidentally a security update loaded at around the same time. Network is Tesco which uses O2.  Have checked and reset APN config, tried sim in another phone and it's ok. Data roaming worked fine in France in July. Thought a factory reset might solve it but sounds like it won't. Read on forum 17 months ago of a similar problem on Nokia which needed a software patch. Have reported it to Tesco and Nokia.
  • Hello Billwin,

    thank you for your feedback. I now realize that I missed an important piece of information up there: I also was roaming when the update got installed. The Movistar SIM was from Spain and I was in Germany at that time.
    In the mean time I returned to Spain and the mobile data started working again in the moment I touched Spanish ground. To rule out that the phone generally cannot do roaming anymore I tried my German SIM card, whether it can do roaming here in Spain - and it can.
    The big question now is whether the problem just needed a nudge by switching on the mobile in its home network and now everything is fixed or whether the roaming problem still persists.
    As a new visit to Germany is planned for December I will soon find out.

    Billwin, did you get back to your home network with your Nokia 3.1 and did the mobile data start to work there again, too?


  • Hello,

    I am running a 150 nokia 3.1 float for my company in France
    We are facing exactly the same issue for all our phones since the 00WW_3_25B update.
    The international 4G data roaming is no more working.
    This is a major issue for our company as users are extensively travelling across europe and they cannot get data connection anymore
    We opened a case with Nokia (chat, mail , etc...) and ran many tests, but nokia didn't find any solution.
    We are extremely disappointed. This is a major issue for us.
  • Hello everyone,

    in the mean time I'm back in Germany and the issue still exists. My Spanish Movistar SIM card has telephone service in roaming mode, but mobile data does not work here. So it was not a matter of nudging the phone out of it, something is permanently misconfigured, but I don't know what?

    • The Phone itself?
    • My phone provider in Spain?
    • The roaming partner of my phone provider here in Germany?

    I will get myself now a replacement phone and then RMA my Nokia 3.1 to see whether the technicians can find something suspicious about the phone state.

    DDprod, as you have that many phones ... have some of them been in non-roaming mode when the update dropped? And are they also affected? I wonder whether it's a bug that only shows up when you are abroad, in roaming mode and then the phone configures the update. That in this special situation something goes wrong that normally does not go wrong when you are in your "home" network of your phone provider.



  • Hi MRiss,

    All our phones are concerned wether or not the ugrade dropped while the phone was in roaming mode.
  • Hello DDprod,

    thank you for the information.

    In the mean time I got myself a replacement phone - a Nokia 6.2 and here everything is working as intended. It works with the same SIM card and in roaming mode there is no problem with mobile data. So it's not the Movistar SIM card, it's not a general Nokia problem and it's not a stupid user problem (hope so at least), it's a specific Nokia 3.1 problem.

    One observation that I made: Out of the box, it looked like the Nokia 6.2 has the same problem with mobile data. Then I went into the settings and found the "Roaming, Connect to data services when roaming" setting to be set to false. After setting it to true it started working. So, one way to describe the problem is that the Nokia 3.1 is stuck in non-data-roaming mode.

    Also, the Movistar service technician reported something that fits into this picture, the mobile logs into the APN but then there is just no data coming. And to me that looks like what a mobile with disabled data roaming should look like on the other end.

    Maybe this can help some Nokia technician to pinpoint the problem? I hope so.

    Best regards,


  • I have exactly the same problem. Previously used my 3.1 when out if the UK but since last September it hasn't worked. I have tried the Tesco configuration which hasn't been successful.

    Billwin have you had any feedback from Tesco or Nokia?