Torch not working

My nokia 9 recently developed this "pain in the ass" bug. Torch is simply not working, it's grayed out.

Torch not working

Grodelj Grodelj
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My nokia 9 recently developed this "pain in the ****" bug. Torch is simply not working, it's grayed out. I cannot turn it on, unless I launch the camera, go to video and turn flash on. If I leave the camera, torch (from drop down menu) works, but only until I lock the phone. On next unlock, torch is again grayed out. 

If I install 3rd party flashlight SW it just says "camera not available" until I launch the camera and close it, then it works. But just until I lock the phone, then it's the same again.

Any ideas?


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Looks like the camera is somehow locking the flashlight/torch access. Did you already try a reboot?
    Next step would be to clear the data and cache of the camera app. That can sort it if it is an issue developed due to some issues with the camera software.
  • Grodelj Grodelj
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    Thanks for your input, looks like that resetting the camera settings did the trick. :)
  • same problem , only restart phone worked... fixed I think in last update 
  • Diego 1 Diego 1
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    Use the Google assistant, turn on the torch, and the toggle work again!
  • My Nokia 6.1 plus rear camera and flashlight stopped working. Any clue?

  • Thah Thah

    hi I need a help my camera is not working and the torch

  • Darey Dasilva Darey Dasilva
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    The torchlight on my 6.2 and the camera doesn't work most especially in the evenings unless I reboot. Must I keep rebooting?

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