Phone hanging

Feeling sad bcoz of my nokia6.1 daily hanged then restarted not worthy for the money, I feel shame infront of others , they said once upon a time Nokia is just…

Phone hanging

Vicky mani Vicky mani
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Feeling sad bcoz of my nokia6.1 daily hanged then restarted not worthy for the money, I feel shame infront of others , they said once upon a time Nokia is just for name other than that there is nothing in it but i argued with them n I supported to Nokia now I got slipper shot bcoz of Nokia 6.1 hanging problem.....


  • Have you done a full re-set of the phone. More often than not find it is an App that causes the problem, and not the hardware of the phone.
  • user1529883076460 user1529883076460
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    Very true about the full reset. Keep in mind if you restore your current profile you might be restoring the problem also. Keep in mind the Google Play Store, like the Apple store, is an open marketplace. There are sometimes hundreds of apps that may do the same thing, and most aren't programmed very well. Most of the time the goal is for them to gain ad revenue.

    Ad revenue chasing is a very big cause of needing more RAM on a phone. A large number of apps and games reside in the memory to push these ads.

    Go to Settings, then Apps & Notifications. Click on see all apps. This will list all the apps on your phone. Uninstall all apps and games you don't use. On the remaining apps for ALL games click on them and click Force Stop. There is zero reason for a game to reside in the memory, the only reason to do so is to push ads. In all likelihood they push ads in the game, you don't need it interfering with your phone when not playing. Do the same for any app that has no valid reason for staying in memory. Some apps like eBay, dating apps, etc are in memory to push notifications, but still stop any app that you don't need this functionality.

    The obvious thing that will come from this is your phone will run more nicely. If you use the app though, it will then be loaded, but it's a start to track down the cause. A cleaner app can be beneficial to keep things in check, but most are crap, and usually you have to configure them for ideal use.

    I really wish Google would crack down on apps and in particular, games that reside in memory when not in use. They are potentially a security risk, but for the most part just drag down system performance.
  • nitin kachare nitin kachare
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    I am using Nokia 6.1 64GB Updated To Oreo 8.1 July 2018 Patch.Never hang my device, neither camera stopped, none of problems happened with me.Concern is Battery Drain Fast almost 16 hours-20 hours usage time when data network on.If gps and data on ,camera used sometimes it has12 hours usage time.Good Front Bokeh and rear in daylight.Capture Photos By Touch Fingerprint missing.Missing Live Bokeh On Rear.
  • Vicky mani Vicky mani
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    When days go longer u find my problems on your phone ....Mr.nitin
  • Nitin Kachare battery life can be improved by changing the settings and using the Black List for Apps using Background power.

    Settings > Battery > Background Activity Manager > Background Activity Cleaner - enable > Enable Blacklist > Select Apps
  • nitin kachare nitin kachare
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    Vicky mani how many days required for hanging issue.I have only 17GB i.e.33%Free Space but Still Not Having lagging or camera issue.I have used RAM Cleaning App Regularly So Didn't Face Such lagging.I have given permission to 10 only 10 apps to run in background and all other arevin black list.Not Fast Draining Battery.I mean 3000 mAh atleast stand 20 hours with use of data.
  • nitin kachare nitin kachare
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    I am using All In One Toolbox for RAM clean up and Its work good not only My Nokia 6.1 4GB/64GB but also On Nokia 2 also.
  • Vicky mani Vicky mani
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    I didn't have any issue regarding battery problem is system and camera hanging
  • If you had read the other posts here, turing off the Geolocating in the Camera App will stop the issues. This will be addressed in the forthcoming update.
  • Maksim Maksim
    Guys, i think i found why phone is hanging, or at least how to reproduce faulty behaviour.

    The problem is probably due to poor memory handling when device gets low on it. You can check this yourself with any application that allocates memory (debugging application for developers available on google play)

    When I tested it on Google Pixel 2 and on Samsung glaxy s4 mini, System killed memory hungry application without any noticeable issue. Nokia on the other hand hanged for two minutes and rebooted after being completely unresponceive. (even long pressing power button didn't work)

    So, suggestion to keep memory free by yourself is probably good one. But! This should be the system responsibility! Why on Earth we should download memory killer and trigger it once in a while. Phone is not that cheap, and has a lot of competitors who do memory properly.

    May be it is hardware problem and we can try to replace them?
  • nitin kachare nitin kachare
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    Vicky mani Yes I know you have facing lagging.I think you should use All In One Toolbox for RAM clean up.Therefore,My Nokia6.1 doesn't lag.
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