Android 10 update

Hi everyone!  My suggestion are:

Android 10 update

Hi everyone! 
My suggestion are:
I need your suggestions & support on how we can convice HMD Global to release the android update in ascending or descending order. Because Nokia 5.1 devices have always being late to get updates. Forexample, the latest android 10 will be available in our devices from 2020yr while low/small devices like Nokia 2&3 already have or near to get update. Reason: The android 9 in Nokia 5.1 has a lot of problems such as:

1. Volume button failure mode, it's low volume and fail to raise on call or media playing
2. Overheated frequently device 
3. Camera affected by environmental light/brightness
4. Inadequate and unaccessible accessories such as flip/plain cover reliable screen glass protector
5. Low battery capacity (2700mAh) is not enough for android phone with 4G Networking
6. Low storage capacity
NB: They should icrease agents & customer care services worldwide especially in Tanzania 🇹🇿 to enhance easy accessibility of phone and it's accessories 


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    Buy yourself a pixel if you want the best Android experience.

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