Nokia 8.1 - Camera App

5 things which can be improved by the app update : These are the issues I have observed until now.

Nokia 8.1 - Camera App

Smit VK Smit VK
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5 things which can be improved by the app update :

These are the issues I have observed until now.

1) The camera app of Nokia 8.1 doesn't have a specific Night Mode option.
2) The limit for shutter speed is 4-seconds. It will be great if it is extended to 15-seconds with app update. It will be good for artistic and better low light photography. 
3) The camera app doesn't lock exposure for more than 3-4 secs while shooting videos. If you touch on the screen, it balances exposure. After 3-4 secs, it again resets the exposure reading. 
4) There is no image stabilization used in slow motion video recording. 
5) Image processing needs to be improved.

NOTE: These are not hardware related issues. The camera hardware of Nokia 8.1 with Zeiss optics is great and there is no doubt in that. 


  • Smit VK Smit VK
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    GTR12 said:
    1. Not needed 
    2. Not needed again 
    3. Why would you want to lock the exposure on a video? Light conditions can change. 
    4. It's a video, you don't need OIS. 
    5. No it doesn't, it's fine. 

    Give technical reasons for why it's "not needed"(1&2)
    I'm asking because I have technical reasons why it's needed.

    3) common boy ! If you are touching on the  screen and adjusting exposure as u like, it means that you don't want the exposure to change. What if light conditions are steady and you don't want the exposure to change ?

    4) I have never used a word ”OIS" in my discussion. If there is an image stabilization in normal video mode, then why it's not there in slow motion video mode ?

    Owning a phone doesn't mean that it's perfect in each and every way brother. Detecting and solving issues can make any system better.
  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    This is HMD we're talking about so i can tell you what they will be thinking when they see what you have put.

    1, no, 2, no, 3, no, 4, no, 5, no, it'll right, they have bought it now so we don't have to alter anything, sod'em.
  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    Given how slow motion dampens any movement down i cant see much point for any kind of OIS or EIS in that mode anyway.
  • Camera app should need  improvement
  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    Camera app should need  improvement
    Just ask the Nokia 8 owners how 2 years of begging for camera improvements went.
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