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Try turning off Dynamic mode in PureDisplay will help reduce such effect on grey background

Is anybody facing issues with the Nokia 7.2 display with dark Color?


  • Try turning off Dynamic mode in PureDisplay will help reduce such effect on grey background

  • Lawss Lawss
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    I think this issue is non compatibility of pure display option with the mobile display screen.. There is something wrong as this issue is there for me with my Nokia 7.1 as well. When the enhanced hdr option is on this problem comes and soon as it is off it goes away for Nokia 7.1.

  • Kỳ Quang Kỳ Quang
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    turn off pure display and test again to check if issue still exist. I think Pure Display algorithm is not yet optimal

  • Amit_123_Gondaliya Amit_123_Gondaliya
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    tried but not work. still issued. and Nokia people not accepting that it is device issue.

  • user1534188748548 user1534188748548
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    I faced this issue once on 2nd day of my purchase, after restarting the phone it went and after 2 week of usage, haven't got it.

  • I am having serious bad experience with my Nokia 7.2:

    1) I have serious display problem for videos specially in Snapchat. It becomes very weird whole color changes.

    2) I cannot share any YouTube video in Messenger. I can share in other apps.

  • I too facing issue with display, dark and light shades to vertical edgs of the phone, and another thing is whenever ever i use any application for 2-3 minutes and closes it, that past screen is visible on other applications or on home screen, i could see if i go back to another application or app drawer, the previous opened application is still standing background as a print Don't know why, please if it a software issue please fix it as soon as possible, or any hardware thing let us know what to do with phone.

  • Here are the images,

  • Even after upgrade to Android 10, the issue is not fixed. The black theme turned to grey and after restarting reverted to black.

  • JayROCKs JayROCKs
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    Hi There !

    I am here with the "fact" and "solution" for this problem.

    Fact is,

    This is not a screen issue. It's a software issue and it needs to be fixed by HMD.

    Replacing your phone, or replacement of the sceen panel won't help. you will face same issue on new screen as well.

    Now solution is,

    "Ghost Screen Fix" (available on playstore)

    This app will solve this issue permanently untill HMD solves it.

    Just download it, set the ghost screen fix to 5% and that's it. It will run in background always. I am using this app since two months. Not facing any issue at all.

  • While in pure display mode, the pictures and videos gets blurred in full display. What is the issue? It is Nokia 7.2 just bought within a month.

  • That is what I wrote to nokia:

    There is a problem, when you go under the sun with phone and while under sun, if you lock your phone. When you go in Shadow it stays in some kind of wierd setting (looks like low contrast to me, it works under the sun verry well) but in shadow it doesn't go back to normal colors till you turn HDR10 off and back on. Please fix this, I don't want to turn HDR10 in settings off and back on every time under sun... sorry for my bad English, but please get that to software team, they will probably know what I am talking about.

    That problem is on Nokia 7.1, and they said that they will fix the issue in next Android security update.

  • hudza app hudza app
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    Yeah, I noticed. Only thing that u suppose to do is turn of the pure display setting. It's work.

  • A shade of yellow light is permanently seen in the display of my NOKIA 7.2.


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