[Urgent]Unlock pattern irregularly not recognized. Reboot required to access the phone.

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I know this bug has been mentioned in another thread already, but this is such a grave malfunction that it warrants its own thread.
I'm on stock Pie, build  00ww_2_130_SP03
and somehow, irregularly and not reproducibly, the unlock pattern to access the phone is not recognized by the OS any longer. After several attempts, the user is forced to wait 30 seconds and then has to try again, whith those tries failing equally of course. This can only be remedied by rebooting the phone. Please, support, acknowledge this bug and do something about it. It's just not fun anymore. Looking at the upgrade history regarding this device (https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_int/security-updates), it's not acceptable to wait another two months at least before maybe, MAYBE this gets fixed. I urge you to triage this as "grave bug", please.
Thanks for your consideration.

edit: It's been over two months since the issue has first been reported here: https://community.phones.nokia.com/discussion/comment/122555/#Comment_122555


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    Still happens on 00ww_2_130_SP04. Definitely not fun at all. It's just ridiculous! Thank god the power button works without unlocking the phone!

    By the way, this doesn't affect just patterns, it also affects PINs.
  • I frankly don't understand why isn't HMD GLOBAL , @HMDLaura doing anything about this bug? They should atleast give us an option to roll back to Oreo Go because the problem wasn't there on Oreo. What's the point of being first in terms of delivering software updates if they are buggy? Please guys, solve this bug for GOD's sake

  • I think this problem fix android 10 go update

  • Please do a factory reset after the pie update it should fix the issue... same thing happening with other devices has already been addressed by this method on xda-developers website.

  • HMD Global is known to almost never resolve bugs with a factory reset being the only no guarantee that the problem will go away option.

  • It's becoming more and more apparent that HMD Global plan on trashing the Nokia name for their own enrichment. They are not going to get away with it. Many loyal Nokia people like me are really tired of HMD and their promises.

    OREO had NO issues. PIE is full of bugs. Maybe HMD should promise less and more action. Or if they can't they must just gtfo.

    And stop wasting people's time and money.

  • My Nokia 1, android version 9 does same thing. Started suddenly. I enter my pin and phone says wrong pin, after 3-4 attempts,I give up. Turn phone off and on again and it's fine for few days until it happens again 😩😩

  • I've had it with HMD. No more of this nonsense https://m.gsmarena.com/nokia_1-reviews-9052.php

  • bertt
    bertt ✭✭

    In case anyone was wondering: This bug is still present with the February update.