Nokia android 10 bug in nokia 8.1

Fingerprint lock and unlock is laggy and slow after android 10 update. Have anyone noticed

Nokia android 10 bug in nokia 8.1

Sahel Ghosh Sahel Ghosh ✭✭
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Fingerprint lock and unlock is laggy and slow after android 10 update.
Have anyone noticed


  • NoNoTheOne NoNoTheOne ✭✭
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    Not experienced yet but i have a critical bug. After the Update everythinng worked fine until i restarted the second time. The phone cant establish a mobile Connection and after a few minutes it Restarts and boots into recovery saying System files are corrupted. Same game if u Restart a new it boots, cant establish Connection and shuts down. U have to do a full System restore to factory Settings. After Factory reset it seems to work but as soon as you Restart again the bug appears a new.
  • Amit Roxx Amit Roxx
    Ear piece or touch sounds problem occurs.When I disconnected the earphone??..,when connected it works properly.After re-start it works.Otherwise not.So fix this bug as soon as possible.
  • sourav kalliyadath sourav kalliyadath ✭✭
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    Earpiece and speaker is not working after updating to android 10.....please fix this
  • After android 10 update there are some issues with the speaker. After removing earphone, the speaker sound(media) is not coming. Kindly solve the issue.
  • user1541874678881 user1541874678881 ✭✭
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    After update Nokia 8.1 into Android 10 from Android 9; when I connected my Bluetooth headset, music will play but voice is not coming...
    It's really disappointed ....
  • Prashant Hota Prashant Hota ✭✭
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    A lot of bugs after updating Android 10 in my Nokia 8.1.many bugs are here .. in many parts there r severe bugs... One is my call register and fav contacts didn't show to me...but after restarting the phone it showed me...I call many times to a person but there is no sound from other side off the call.... even after I have tried many times...then I put the loudspeaker on and then only I could talk...what is this Nokia..? We love u and trust you so much..need a quick update from u to solve these issues... please ..and respond to ur valuable customer..thank you Nokia ..we have hope on u that u will one day on the top again.... believe u ....

    After updatting android 9 to 10. I have issues with network. And when I calling and receiving calls that i can't listen sound . Please fix this bug
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