Is the Nokia 3.2 really this bad?

C'mon Nokia, I had faith in you.

Is the Nokia 3.2 really this bad?

Piipperi Piipperi
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C'mon Nokia, I had faith in you. I have been using the Nokia 3.2 for a week now (upgraded from a Nokia 3) and the experience manages to somehow be worse than on Nokia 3.

First good things about Nokia 3.2:
- Awesome battery life, ending everyday with 50 - 70% of battery
- Smooth animations and fast app loading times
- Display is surprisingly good for a 720p panel (also the screen is really good for a 150€ phone)
and thats about it

Now to the downgrades/bad things:
- No 5 GHz Wi-Fi... srsly wtf is this? The Nokia 3 supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi, and heck, even my iPad 1st gen from 2010 supports 5 GHz.
- Glossy plastic back panel... yeah do I even have to explain this one. I wasn't expecting glass but I was expecting at least a metal frame surrounding the plastic, like on my Nokia 3. Also did I already mention it's glossy plastic?
- No real upgrades to the 4G antennas. Nokia is really trying to push people to 5G so I was expecting at least up to 300 MBPS 4G speeds but no. But the network does feel like it's a bit more stable than on my Nokia 3, so at least that's better.
- Nokia 3.2 comes in 2 versions. 16 GB non-fingerprint sensor variant, and a 32 GB fingerprint variant. This is just stupid. There are literally no cases available for the Nokia 3.2 without the fingerprint sensor hole anywhere. The 32 GB variant is also almost the same price as the 4.2 so why did they even make a 32 GB variant when the 4.2 is better in almost everyway than the Nokia 3.2 anyways.
- The Google Assistant is just a waste of space. Google Assistant doesn't even work in most countries. I would have rather traded this button for something like a fingerprint sensor.
- This could just be my unit but the ambient lightsensor is awful. It puts the brightness down to 0% when in a slightly darker room, also the transition between brightness is pretty laggy.

Overall this phone feels like a complete waste of money when comparing it to my old phone or the Nokia 4.2. It really looks like all the budget on this phone just went to the display.


  • Lazysince1995 Lazysince1995
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    Before upgrading or buying any phone u must do little research about it. There are a lots of reviews about this  
  • Lawss Lawss
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    I agree about the awful ambient light sensor, I don't know what's wrong and only because of this reason I sold my phone... Waste of money
  • Puppy2019 Puppy2019
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    Yes, the lightsensor sensitivity is annoying but I believe it could be resolved by a software update, if we get any. I am surprised how fast it charges despite of lack of the fast charging feature.

    The Nokia 4.2 is more expensive (190 Euro) than the 3.2 32 GB version (115 Euro) over here in CZ.
  • jdi000 jdi000
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    I have to say that the 2.2 does not have any issues.  It's a great phone for it's price point.  Give the  2.2 a shot in the 3/32 variant.
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