Problem with heading 1 BBcode

Hello @HMDLaura,I tried to put some text in Heading 1 style in this new thread:

Problem with heading 1 BBcode

madbilly madbilly
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Hello @HMDLaura,
I tried to put some text in Heading 1 style in this new thread: but it would not show up. I tried a few variants of it in different positions on the page but none of them worked. Can you check if something changed recently to stop H1 BBcode working?
Thanks :)


  • user389 user389
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    There's a new version of the editor now, that seems to resolve some issues when it's used in a mobile browser (and introduce some new issues...)

    H1 is not an option, but





    can be formatted via the symbol bottom left in the editor window.


    H1 is used for the subject line already, and should only appear once per page on a properly formatted webpage, so all is well ;-)

    @HMDLaura , please have the coders double-check the new editor on a mobile phone. So far..:

    • Left margin in the editor windows is too wide when composing a new posting (but not when editing an existing posting).
    • When marking words, the options for bold, italic etc. is covered by Android's options for cut, copy, insert.
    • No more ugly smileys! :-)

    The basic keyboard overflow issues when editing a posting on the mobile are resolved, finally.

    Thank you.


  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @user389,

    Oooh, this is interesting... My tabs for for the forum never stop loading now though, odd. I'm on Firefox Win10 normal release with tracking protection set to strict and using uBlock origin as well.

    So the old emojis no longer work? :confused:

    Hmm, no they don't.

    Does this work? :)

    Nope. Only the emojis work, so I have to stop typing, grab the mouse, move it a click... that's going to slow down how quickly I can post! :D

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    @HMDLaura I urge you that you take back the recent design change of the editor. I and millions of other content publishers do not like it. Earlier this year, WordPress introduced/forced this block editor and soon they were forced by publishers to remove the new design change and they published a new plugin to get the old style of editor back.

    You can notice the reviews of Gutenberg right here. Notice how so many people have complained against it. You can see how there are only 200k active installs of Gutenberg versus 5 million+ for the classic editor plugin (link here).

    Basically, these new blocks make composing as well as formatting the content as well as images much harder as compared to the old toolbar which could be accessed with a single click of the mouse. I am not sure who pushed this idea, but I can tell you that content publishers do not like it. Not sure how good you feel about it in your Admin dashboard, but I do not see it as a welcome change. It isn't really needed here.

    @madbilly Sorry for hijacking your post :( As for the H1 tag, SEO wise, the H1 should only exist once and that should be the leading heading of the page or what the engine should show in its SERP. So, we should never add a second H1 to the page body. I believe the platform is doing it right to not accept additional H1 in the post body. The other heading tags are seen ok to be repeated.

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @singhnsk,

    Can you point me to the W3C standard which says H1 should only be used once per page? And are you sure that H1 isn't used elsewhere on the pages outside of the posts? 😉

    As for your feelings about the editor, I have to strongly disagree. The new editor solves lots of problems with the old one - bringing up the files/photos dialogue incorrectly, difficulty tagging people with spaces in their nicks and when tagging multiple people. These, for me, are huge improvements. @user389 pointed out some new problems which the new editor brings, so I know it's not all perfect, but generally I think it's an improvement.

    My only real problem with the new editor is that emojis are now more difficult to use with a keyboard, because typing : does not bring up a drop-down.

    And where has :mrgreen: gone?! 😡

    Sad 😥

    Not really, I'll find a new favourite 🧐

    Cheers 😁

  • SirFaceFone SirFaceFone
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    Anyone noticed that the reply button is now gone?

  • user389 user389
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    @madbilly ,

    The use of H1, H2 etc. is about page structure and accessibility. As with other standards, it can be abused, typically to provide visible formatting of text size and font weight.

    Formatting should be done separately in the style sheet(s) to be compliant with the standards, so the editor users in a Content Management System like this forum only has to worry about typing content.

    The style sheets used in this forum is by the way an unmanageable can of worms and a disaster waiting to happen. Modern web browsers are tolerant and do their own sanity checks, so there's something to view on the screen, but it's more strain on the CPU and consumes power.

    Typing and editing on my old'ish laptop in the latest Firefox browser lags as if it was MS Word 6.1 on a 100MHz desktop PC 25 years ago, probably due to the never-ending style sheet mess.

    The page source can be inspected via the developer tools in Firefox. It's not compliant, not best practice and not accessible. It's no worse that most of the modern WWW but that's not an excuse in my opinion.

    The theory about Headings is here:

    A text-mode browser like Lynx is useful to quickly judge how a webpage appears to robots, screen readers etc:

    This is after scrolling down a full page of other stuff ... Why does the subject (and content) appear twice, and why are the replies formatted differently and apparently less important than the question (greyed out) - just for starters.

    I don't envy those who have to do this for a living.

    The motorbike is in the garage for the winter and HTML is an old hobby 🙄

    -- Hans

  • Ryan Smith Ryan Smith
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  • madbilly madbilly
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    Thanks for the technical insight @user389 🙂 All I can say is that from my POV using the new editor in Firefox on Windows 10 most of the time, it works well. The only thing I am having difficulties with now is quick access to emojis, as I can't type them AFAIK.

    Cheers 🙂

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