How i exchange nokia 8

How i exchange nokia 8

How i exchange nokia 8

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How i exchange nokia 8


  • i wonder if there is nokia cunsumer loyalty program.

    nokia is not big player in indonesia. oppo vivo realme rule here. asus and xiaomi is fading out. it is because the bussiness model they employ. i dont know about samsung.

    i am a small phone retailer. with oppo you can stock phones, if your phone are scheduled to expire, they will replace you with other new phone at no charge.

    vivo biz model have changed a lot, it was same like oppo but to avoid loss perhaps, they charge 10percent of the phone price when the phone expire.

    realme samsung asus xiaomi biz model much harsh, when phone expire, they let it be. no wonder they have less and less buyer.
    asus have no more distributor in my town ,palembang. realme and samsung may be can survive.
    while xiaomi will face some restriction because of new national law on phones in 2020.

    bussiness model determine any brand success. so it is not only price that attracts buyer and reseller. so whats is yours Nokia.

    biz model can be : service way, upgrade, distribution.

  • i am here want to say that while your distribution model is good (as far as i know). seller dont have to buy phone to put in the shelf. because seller only pay as the phone is sold.

    your service model really suuucccckk.
    from the available of the parts, the time to repair, the disaster management way, to the people that repair it.

    some part may avail in months or some weeks. and affects the total time.

    disaster is another problem. nokia 8 has its own disaster : the battery. samsung note 7 and iphone has it too, but they handle it gracefully. they still have loyal customer. except for iphone price that keep hiigher and higher so forbid the buy. but nokia let itself sink to the bottom by letting its 8 user down.

    the people that repair phone, is also buzy repairing other phones. notably : huawei, honor, htc, xiaomi. forget about huawei honor and htc, they are tiny in number. xiaomi on other hand, has still great user.

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