Service Centre response

My 3.1 plus was dead on 27th Sept.

Service Centre response

Shrikant M Shrikant M
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My 3.1 plus was dead on 27th Sept. I submitted it to nearest service centre and they were kind enough (after claiming water damage without even inspection) to replace phone's motherboard within warranty. All was well except no security patch update. I had August patch before phone was dead. Post revival, phone was stuck at July patch.

On 19th Oct phone was dead again. Phone is still under warranty till Dec end. So I went to service centre to get it checked. They said some screws are missing near the speaker grill and motherboard had minor scratch. They claimed that either I tried to open the phone or got it opened from someone else and they will not cover the repairs under warranty. This response came to me as a big shock. I am no engineer or a curious cookie who will dare to play around with the internals of a phone which is under warranty.

I tried convincing the centre manager that those scratches is not my fault. He asked me to submit the phone and wait for the call back.

Have you guys experienced something like this or some other serious issues with service centres?


  • Mukul Mukul
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    Bro first of all
    If you operate your body or send your phone to the service center
    Both conditions make the problem worsen
    Dont Dont play with flashing the roms 
    Because nokia making the phone and flashable roms not provided by them officially. Service center can create imaginary problems and making fool of us.
    Very carefull use your phone
    Because you better understand about your phone.
    In short, service centeres are living **** for the phone owner
  • Shrikant M Shrikant M
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    As I said in my original post, I don't play around with my phones. Never tried flashing roms as it is too risky for people who have zero technical knowledge.

    I am waiting for someone from the staff to notice this post and pass on the feedback to service centres.
  • Mukulsr Mukulsr
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    No one will notice from nokia
    They just fooling us
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