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[Let's Talk] Design

Hello Fans,  It's my pleasure to introduce a new meetup series - Let's Talk. The idea behind this is to talk to our biggest support system - you!

[Let's Talk] Design

dipankar paul dipankar paul
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Hello Fans, 

It's my pleasure to introduce a new meetup series - Let's Talk. The idea behind this is to talk to our biggest support system - you! - to understand what you think about everything Nokia mobile.

We're kicking off this series with a meetup in New Delhi, India, on November 9. 

The focus: Design.

Our designers want to hear from you. That's right, we want to know what you think about how we design our smartphones and what we can do better. We want your ideas about where smartphone design is heading, and what you would like to see in Nokia smartphones. In short, this is your chance to have a say in designing the future of Nokia smartphones.  

Want to attend this event? Answer this question:

What is the true purpose of design? 

Or fill up this (very) short form: https://forms.gle/NAFYXnsdg31KBkhv5 

Tell us in your own words in the comments below, drawing from experiences you may have had or from how you feel design should be.

Looking forward to your responses!


  • thanoofnaina thanoofnaina
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    azeem said:
    We want new design , We want others try to copy our design, we should not copy others.,
    Handy , Surprised, beautiful and premium pool desind. We want. 
    Be first Nokia.....🥰🥰🥰
    yeah that's what we are looking for
  • sound profile slider key.
  • Mohan93 Mohan93
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    Design should have practical utilities. Like a dedicated camera button with two stage focus atleast for camera centric devices like 7.2. Similar to Lumia series. Another one is physical switch for silent mode. Devices could be very handy and edges should be comfortable to hold(Like first version of Nokia 3 and 5). Practicality of bezelless design can be improved. It is not very practical if design is completely bezel less and feels difficult to hold properly and use comfortably. Could have some level of Splash Resistance. Could have wireless charging option at mid range phones like we had in Lumia 830. Could compromise on camera bump for a bigger battery. 
  • I would say if you give a big notch then make it use full and
    2.top chin is ok 
    3.dual speaker
    4.head phone jack
    5.implemtion on camera aap should be give more options in all the Nokia phones
    6. Slo-mo at 240fps on Nokia 8.1 and more shutter speed
    7. Work on charging Port issue 
    8. Focus on pricing
    9. Give better camera as you use it as usp of phone zeiss lens not doing great with you default app
    10. Give better chip sets or decrease the price accordingly
  • Empe Aarav Empe Aarav
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    Nokia always brings newness to its phones if it comes to design but the design is visible only when we don't cover the phone with any case. As nokia has just brought a glass back to its phones, so it has an attractive design but it is not secure. The design of the phone should be such that ensure all the needs. It is not necessary to have 4 or 5 cameras in the phone, you should install 2 cameras whose picture quality is better than those 4 cameras and Nokia has power of ziess optics which is better than any cameras. Nokia should make its design water resistant, dust resistant. Full hd screen with no bezzels, pure hd display, new phone colors with no repeatition
  • The true purpose of design is to find the best possible solution which delights both company and its customers. By design only we are attracted towards it.
    Design to dream its like Nokia 😊😍
  • itzrj itzrj
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    Design of the Nokia mobiles are such that holding the phone gives the premium feel to the customer. Nokia doesn't need to change the build design, it needs to modify the design that other brands get ideas from it. Nokia doesn't need to follow the trend and needs to just improve their tanks! The design of the Nokia 6, 6.1, 8 are still the best out there. They are solid, have a premium feel in hand and most importantly they are the most easily repairable phones out there. The required improvement to the designs should be toughness, repairability and that feel of the premium materials Nokia use. This is the Nokia legacy and it has to be kept that way!
  • nitheesh nitheesh
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    Happy to hear from you @dipankar paul. Again Nokia listening to our voice...that's great!!!

    What is the true purpose of design?

    In my vision, the design must be "Simple - Unique - Attractive"

    1. Simple - If someone getting a device, that needs to be looking simple, clean and neat in look and feel. That will give more attachment from customers to the device or brand. Just like Nokia 6.1 Plus.
    2. Unique - If someone getting attention to a device, they should identify the device without seeing the brand name or don't give any chance to ask the brand name. Just like Nokia classic phones and Nokia 9 Pure View. 
    3. Attractive - First impression is the best impression, right? If someone seeing one device, that needs to provide the desire to the customers to purchase the item. So, that needed to more attractive. Just like Nokia 8110 4G, Nokia 8 Sirocco and Nokia 8.1
  • Hello NOKIA
    Here is my opinion


    Few years back this was true...But later by taking some decisions now many don't agree to this.
    Later with coming by Android OS 
    It started to Build up its fame
    NOKIA never compromise with build quality and design..

    But many missing VINTAGE NOKIA

    When the NOKIA is UNIQUE from others....
    So please concentrate on Uniqueness in design
    Also concentrate on Market by Launching with some innovative ideas

    It would be more better in future to have

    Own Nokia's vintage like advanced UI

    So please concentrate on
    1.Unique Design
    2.Business Strategy
    3.Launching with 4% reduced price
    4.Own unique UI

  • Akashnok3 Akashnok3
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    Design is something that attracts people. But beside it, it should not be only beautiful as well as durable, as Nokia 6.1 is. Nokia 6.1 has beautiful diamond cut edges design with 6000 series strong aluminium body. It also has a aluminium plate inside which makes it more durable than any other smartphone available in the market till date. Design also means how and where you are placing the components like Finger print censor, Camera, Physical keys e.t.c. on a device. A smartphone's becomes more gorgeous for it's high screen to body ratio & it's finishing quality. Nokia 7.2 & 6.2 has better screen to body ratio and  every Nokia smartphone feels better in hand because Nokia exists for quality. Thank you
  • nitheesh nitheesh
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    Hello everyone, you can sign up for the event by filling this form, too:

    Thanks! :) Keep your responses coming!
    Sure, thanks for the updates.
  • garjon2422 garjon2422
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    All I can say is "Nokia 8 sirrcco" I have the pleasure of owning one and the design in a league of its own. I think HMD should continue with this design style rather than designing me too phones. As Nokia have always been leaders in phone design. Which is why I am a big fan.
  • Conqueror Conqueror
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    I want HMD Nokia to make what seems impossible to be possible. Develop a smartphone that its front camera and sensors shall be inbuilt on the screen so that we have a full bezelless smartphone without a punch hole, notch or popup camera.. Be more innovative HMD..It can be possible
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