Nokia 6.1 got dead all of a sudden

Hi Nokia team, I had purchased new nokia 6.1 just 2 months back. Yesterday night i gave it for charging and today when i woke up, i found the phone dead.

Nokia 6.1 got dead all of a sudden

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Hi Nokia team,

I had purchased new nokia 6.1 just 2 months back. Yesterday night i gave it for charging and today when i woke up, i found the phone dead. The phone is not starting even continously pressing the power button. It is completely dead now. I am really worried now since it is just 2 months old and this is a disaster from a company that i trusted right from childhood. Please fix this asap. Let me know service centres @ Bangalore location in India who can repair it under warranty coverage.





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    Good luck.

    If you scroll down down the page, you'll find my thread as my phone is also 2 months old and I have been dealing with this issue.  Wait a day or 3, plug it in and power it up normally.  This has happened to me 4 times now.  It's sad to say it's happened 4 times because it means Nokia has not and cannot fix the problem.  My phone also died last night and I am now waiting for it to decide to take a charge and power up.  Fantastic experience for a new phone owner isn't it?

  • Yeah this phone is a joke...never again Nokia...
  • my one just one month old then dead

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    Suggestion: press power button & volume up button simultaneously for few seconds,this process is used for rebooting the device.
  • Shutdown #5 for me yesterday--2 days into my international trip.  This, after Nokia assured me that the latest updates should have fixed the problem.  Useless.

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    I think the layer under the OS needs an overhaul, such as new drivers and updated kernel. It would be good when we get Android 9 that it is a proper 9 vendor and not just 9 installed on Android 8.x vendor. I think an update is the layers underneath the OS would solve a lot of these issues.
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    A (quite rude!) Nokia Support person gave me these instructions, which got my phone to boot up again:

    1. Hold Volume Up + Power for 40 seconds.
    2. Plug the USB cable [into a] PC USB port; do not connect to the phone yet.
    3. Maintain the Volume Up button pressed, without releasing and plug the USB cable [into] the phone.
    4. When an Android picture with message "No command" appears, release the Volume Up button and unplug the USB cable.
    5. Press the Power button and then shortly the Volume [Up? Down?] button shortly; a menu will appear.
    6. Scroll down to the option "Wipe data/Factory reset" [and] press the Power button.
    Note that steps 4-6 didn't work for me, the phone just booted up normally with no recovery menu.

  • I've faced the same problem a few days ago.I plugged in the phone the night before and found it dead the next morning.luckily mine starred up but had problems recognizing my fingerprints but eventually went back to normal.
  • My Nokia 6.1 that I purchased in March went dead in July.  I sent it in for repairs.  It went dead again on Labor Day.  Plugged it in to the original charger.  Tried different chargers, cables, etc. Tried the power+volume combo.  So this is the 2nd time and I rely on this for work security prompts.  This is not acceptable. 

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    Rubish phone nokia 6.1
  • To solve the problem: look at my comment in thread Dead Phone .... and then resurrected.
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    I purchased Nokia 6.1 plus in JAN 2019 for Rs.15000

    I feel that i have simply wasted Rs 15000.

    1) Charging port problem - rectified in warranty

    2) All of sudden phone dead and never starts

    Who will find a solution for me?

    Shankar Ganesh

    +91 94422 91701

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    It is not dead at all it is just overheated.It happened to me too with my TA1050 and after 30 minutes I tried again and it is brought back to life on it's own and right now my device is just fine.

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