Nokia 7.2 vs Realme X Night Photography

Hey guys, Happy Diwali to all of you.

Nokia 7.2 vs Realme X Night Photography

Yash Bajoria Yash Bajoria
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Hey guys,
Happy Diwali to all of you.
 Here I am, back with this week's comparison and well, I'm super excited this week as I've literally fell in love with the new Nokia 7.2 because of its Night Mode camera.
Don't believe me? Check out the evidence Sherlock!

How could I not begin with this lightning comparison..Hands down, no where close to what Nokia 7.2 offers. 

Vividly colorful frame captured even in night time , without any loss. I'm drooling.

Those city lights!! 😍🤩
Nokia 7.2 beautifully capitalizes the beauty of the street lights.

Evident from the comparison,how smoothly and vividly Nokia 7.2 brings out Colors and lighten the picture even when it's dark.

Nokia 7.2 captures details and doesn't compromise at all,even in night mode. Such clear detailing makes it a clear winner.

Now you believe me why I fell in love with this beauty? Of course, you do.
Trust me, Nokia 7.2 offers one of the best night mode options in this segment.

What about other camera features? Well, stay tuned for more such comparisons.

Note: All the images are shot handheld. 
All images are captured in exact same lighting conditions and I tried my best to keep the frame as same as possible on both the phones. 


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