Expectations from Nokia 9.1

Well Nokia I think you are very well aware of what happened to your to Nokia 9 pureview and you launched the much awaited phone which a prototype of what your innovative idea was you didn't execute it well soo every one is expecting you to be a grand comeback from fallout of Nokia 9 pureview what we expect from Nokia 9.1 pureview is Snapdragon 865 and a variety of cameras rather than just same triple or double lenses we really want the king of cameras as in form of Nokia 9.1 pureview and also the stand out features which positions you above other competitors please try to understand our feedback because we want you to on top again as the king


  • Instead of multiple cameras and high mega pixel camera we need just powerful sensor which take awesome photos at any conditions. Already nokia done so good years back when we had 808, N8, Lumia 1020 phones. 
    Even now nokia phone camera sensor having that capability but only because of poor camera software it's lagging. 
    I haven't used 7.2 and 6.2 yet so I will not cmnt about it's camera. But other phones like 6 plus , 6.1 plus, 7 plus have good camera sensor.

  • expectations hurt a lot :D :D :'(
  • Is there any where I can find out how to be invited to the nokia9.1 launch event when it happens in the UK?


  • I have literally been holding out for a Nokia flagship. The last time I actually enjoyed having a phone was when I had my Lumia 1520. After that died I got by with my HP Elite x3, and am now using a Moto Z2 Force. I almost bought the Nokia 9 but read the reviews first. If they could perfect the 9.1, I would buy it immediately.