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    Thanks for giving out detailed answers. I don't really have much to say right now (I'll wait for the rest of the answers). I'm not sure how accurate these were/are but there were a handful of negative reviews about working at HMD around a year ago so I'm glad to hear the work culture in the company has improved.
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    WesleyLee said:
    singhnsk said:
    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @HMDLaura (hope that passes the excitement that I'm having). I never knew Wesley until this post happened, so, thank you!
    And a very warm welcome to Wesley Lee to the community (I failed to find the correct username to tag). I hope you're doing great! And it is nice that such an experienced individual works at HMD. I couldn't find a lot about you, but it seems you have worked (I hope I stumbled across the right person) at HTC, TCL and Motorola before joining HMD. I'll start off with that topic first then ;)

    My questions to Wesley will be as follows. I'll try to break them one per comment to give some likes and disagrees opportunity to rank each one of them.

    How is it working at/for HMD Global?
    You have had a long career and that's mostly in long-established companies having higher finances to go into innovation. HMD still proudly calls itself as a startup. So, things should be different. How different is it working for a startup versus a regular corporate? Is it better? Is it more challenging? Does a tight hand in the finances (I'm assuming this one) demand for a more often rethinking before investing in an area?
    Hi @singhnsk

    thanks for your questions. 

    Yes – while HMD is still a start-up; there are many highly experienced industry experts in the team.

    That’s exactly why I love here. We have a start-up spirit - value creative ideas, are problem -solving oriented. There is open and direct communication and no hierarchy. Decision making is very fast and efficient. Unlike the very big companies, we are not too embroiled in the processes – the focus is on getting things done with you – our fans – in mind. The team here is very experienced yet very warm and friendly, so it is very nice to work here.

    You are right, HMD might not have tons of resources at disposal like some of the big companies, but we carefully prioritize the most important task and investment area for our consumers, and we continue to listen and value our user’s feedback, and expand our resources to address feedback and market dynamic change more quickly.
    Thank you! I do keep forgetting that HMD does have many experienced individuals. Another reason why interactions like this are important - so that we know more about the nice guys who work all around the year to make great devices. I appreciate you finding time off your schedule to answer the questions here. I believe that communication and decision making itself becomes a lot easier in the absence of a forced hierarchy. It is nice to see HMD is keeping its startup spirit. I have had the privilege to talk to CPO (Juho) and it was a nice experience. I am sure that his ways of interaction do help in keeping things from becoming too formal.
    Please continue to invest in the right areas while carefully collecting and using the feedback of the consumers. In the past few weeks, I have heard some really nice after-sales experiences from consumers in different countries. So, I am glad that things are starting to get streamlined after the necessary changes due to the discontinuation of TNS Mobile.
    Keep up the great work. More power to you and all the team HMD. Hoping to see you here more often, formally or informally.
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    WesleyLee said:
    singhnsk said:
    What's next for PureView?
    Nokia has a camera legacy that cannot be forgotten by anybody who has lived in that era. Maybe newborns will have no clue what all Nokia achieved. Anyhow, the Nokia 9 PureView happened. Great product, probably with some downsides, but I will take those and focus on the primary purpose - the camera which PureView has been all about.
    What is next happening with PureView? The Nokia 9 PureView was launched in Feb 2019 and a full year is a quarter away. Do we have new PureView replacement(s) coming up? Will it be about megapixels or will it be about the versatility. Or will it take a while to bring a new successor?
    Also, the PureView spanned across 3 series during Lumia - the 8xx (830), 9xx (primary series) and the god - 1020. Will we see wider availability of PureView across more series? (I'm indirectly asking if a Nokia 10 will happen? and if the PureView can be seen in Nokia 8 series)?

    Nokia 9 PureView is very specialized product targeted at photography enthusiasts who are interested in tapping into RAW image taking abilities of the Nokia 9 PureView and then editing them on the phone to unleash their own creativity.  This is the only product in the market which captures information from all 5 cameras into a RAW format with advanced computational image technology, so you can imagine how much original data has been preserved and how much data is available for our users to manipulate in the post editing stage. Also, as all 5 cameras shoot at the same time, we can create a HDR photo at one shot, which is a different approach than multiple photos image fusion HDR. One shot HDR can allow users to get great HDR photo even when shooting moving object such as a running kid without it being blurry.

    This computational fusion approach has some trade offs - it introduces more computing resources on the phone side so it leads to more processing time and users need to wait for a while for final image output.

    Imaging remains an important focus area for us and we are as passionate about it as all of you – we are carefully evaluating all possibilities to see how can deliver a really great imaging experience to our fans. For us, PureView remains the brand that represents the latest leading edge imaging technology so it will be used on products that are worthy of that name. Unfortunately, I can't share more about our future plans at this time but I can assure you we are listening to your feedback and keeping it in mind while developing our future products and experiences.

    Thank you! I was debating with @Kartik Gada quite recently about the use of multiple sensors on the 9 vs capturing multiple images from the same sensor like what the Night mode on the Nokia 7.2 does. I have had my answer now about how the simultaneous shot from the multiple sensors can give much more data and a more accurate image.
    I am looking forward to more imaging-centered products sporting the Nokia brand. I know that there are several users who consider a Nokia for their portable imaging needs. Nokia has a legacy of producing some of the best camera phones on the planet. So, here's hoping that the next Pureview is not too far away.
    And for the next Pureview, please consider making some camera accessories as well which can suit the needs of the photographer. For example, let's look at how the camera grip for the Nokia Lumia 1020 could give the user more battery as well as a bigger shutter button and a camera mount point while still acting as a case and protecting the phone.
    Meanwhile, I need to learn from you guys about how to secure the secrets until they are ready to be revealed 🙊
    As I had told you, all five cameras click images at the same time. So, no need to stay still till the HDR capture is complete. Due to five cameras, Nokia 9 PureView captures all images in HDR by default. And that might be the reason it doesn't even have a Toggle to enable or disable the HDR function. :) 

    Excited for the next big thing in PureView. It has to be different and bold.

    I completely agree on the accessories part especially the camera grip accessory should be made for every camera-centric phone. My battery dropped from 58% to 18% in 1.5 hours of clicking images on 9 PureView. So, a camera grip with an extra battery pack and a tripod mount is a must.
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    Nokia 8.1 user here. Why is it that video stabilization is subpar in 4K mode? Isn’t it possible to get EIS working for 4K?

    Video stabilization on 4K will mainly depend on platform’s capability, because it needs certain level of platform processing power. In short, EIS is capable for 4K if platform capability is good enough 😊

  • Hello, i have a design question. Its about the lumia 925-930 beloved designs with polycarbonate backs and beatiful front display. Are there any plans to bring back some of those elements in a smaller phone ?

    I still take out my old lumia 930 from the drawer and wish it would come back to life with android one..😅
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    madbilly said:
    Hi Wesley :)
    Please can you tell us more about your scope? What exactly are you responsible for? Does "experience" include aftersales, technical support, software updates? If so, what is your impression how customer experience in these areas?
    Can you also tell us how long you've been at HMD and which team and office you're based in, who do you work with on a day to day basis?
    Thanks :)
    Hi @madbilly  

    I have introduced myself and scope at the beginning introduction, We have other colleagues who is in charge the after sales, technical support and software updates. But when it comes to phone’s software experience and image, display related area, our colleague will pass on your feedback to me. I have been HMD since July, 2018 .  My daily job is very exciting, I am always looking for potential innovations in technology, experience new innovative products or new experience and plan on how to bring them to our product offering. It is tons of work, teams are always over loaded but we are all extremely passionate about this job 😊

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