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    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @HMDLaura (hope that passes the excitement that I'm having). I never knew Wesley until this post happened, so, thank you!
    And a very warm welcome to Wesley Lee to the community (I failed to find the correct username to tag). I hope you're doing great! And it is nice that such an experienced individual works at HMD. I couldn't find a lot about you, but it seems you have worked (I hope I stumbled across the right person) at HTC, TCL and Motorola before joining HMD. I'll start off with that topic first then ;)

    My questions to Wesley will be as follows. I'll try to break them one per comment to give some likes and disagrees opportunity to rank each one of them.

    How is it working at/for HMD Global?
    You have had a long career and that's mostly in long-established companies having higher finances to go into innovation. HMD still proudly calls itself as a startup. So, things should be different. How different is it working for a startup versus a regular corporate? Is it better? Is it more challenging? Does a tight hand in the finances (I'm assuming this one) demand for a more often rethinking before investing in an area?
    Hi @singhnsk

    thanks for your questions. 

    Yes – while HMD is still a start-up; there are many highly experienced industry experts in the team.

    That’s exactly why I love here. We have a start-up spirit - value creative ideas, are problem -solving oriented. There is open and direct communication and no hierarchy. Decision making is very fast and efficient. Unlike the very big companies, we are not too embroiled in the processes – the focus is on getting things done with you – our fans – in mind. The team here is very experienced yet very warm and friendly, so it is very nice to work here.

    You are right, HMD might not have tons of resources at disposal like some of the big companies, but we carefully prioritize the most important task and investment area for our consumers, and we continue to listen and value our user’s feedback, and expand our resources to address feedback and market dynamic change more quickly.
    Thank you! I do keep forgetting that HMD does have many experienced individuals. Another reason why interactions like this are important - so that we know more about the nice guys who work all around the year to make great devices. I appreciate you finding time off your schedule to answer the questions here. I believe that communication and decision making itself becomes a lot easier in the absence of a forced hierarchy. It is nice to see HMD is keeping its startup spirit. I have had the privilege to talk to CPO (Juho) and it was a nice experience. I am sure that his ways of interaction do help in keeping things from becoming too formal.
    Please continue to invest in the right areas while carefully collecting and using the feedback of the consumers. In the past few weeks, I have heard some really nice after-sales experiences from consumers in different countries. So, I am glad that things are starting to get streamlined after the necessary changes due to the discontinuation of TNS Mobile.
    Keep up the great work. More power to you and all the team HMD. Hoping to see you here more often, formally or informally.
    I'm surprised you didn't try to rubbish Android one policy of HMD again or have you suddenly decided to jettison you antagonistic agenda. By the way, did Juho convert you to Android one family when you met him..? Cheers! 
  • > @WesleyLee said:
    > Hi everyone, its super excited to “text-meet” everyone here. It is a great opportunity for me to be
    > interacting with you – to get your feedback and your ideas. It’s so great to see so many good questions and I can totally feel how passionate you all are about Nokia phones. I have gone through all your questions in detail and
    > have tried to answer them here. It is great to have an opportunity to directly
    > communicate with you on the product and experience design, as well as listen to
    > you – I am super excited.
    > Let me introduce myself - I
    > joined HMD last year in July and I report to CPO. I am in charge of all SW experiences,
    > as well as some key technology areas such as camera and display – including both
    > hardware and software planning. Throughout my career, I have been working in
    > the telecommunication and mobile phone industry. I have more than 16 years of
    > experience and have working with companies like HTC, TCI/Alcatel, Motorola/Lenovo,
    > and now HMD. I have been fortunate to always be at the front-end planning
    > include innovation planning, experience planning, and product planning  
    > Now, let’s answer your questions

    Hi Wesley, do you know why Nokia 7.2 ICE is not available in USA? I saw it's sold out in England. Thank you.
  • Hello @WesleyLee
    When we get 60fps recording and 120fps recording in Nokia smartphones ????....Many Nokia phones can do that according to hardware specs........but why there is no settings for 60fps recording in Nokia Smartphones....

  • hi,
    Is there any plan to come back with. CLEAR BLACK display technology
  • user123 said:
    Is there any plan to come back with. CLEAR BLACK display technology
    You can find the answer to this wisdom in one of his previous replies in this thread. Short answer is No and you can find the reason in his reply. 🙂
  • In my nokia 6.1 not gud ram optimisation any solution??????
  • Vasheck95
    Vasheck95 ✭✭
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    Hardware, software curiosity about the old and future phones

    Hello, in the hardware segment
    1)will we see an  AMOLED or isp display in the future along with puredisplay technology!?
    2)What is the difference between the old HD Puremotion and the Puredisplay?
    3) I imagine in the future once the company get bigger, we will we see Nokia own UX along with new hardware functions to not depend on what Google give us?,
    I mean the other companies have been cutting the time gap between big updates and probably they will cut even more in the future and they are doing it with their own UX so do you think is a good idea to stick with Android one?
     Or they can or could change Android one to mid and low end phones and give high end phones their own UX? 
    4) are your team working with Nokia Labs to bring new feature to Nokia hardware and Software?
    Hope to be understable I am not so good with my English!
  • user123 said:
    Is there any plan to come back with. CLEAR BLACK display technology
    You can find the answer to this wisdom in one of his previous replies in this thread. Short answer is No and you can find the reason in his reply. 🙂
  • ideas for old phones 

    Do you think giving the support to hardware and software to specific developer community to recicle(like lineage os)reuse and fix old phones like first generation would it improve the services in Nokia?, It could increase the developer perspective about HMD because before Nokia Lumia era Nokia was supported by a strong community of developers and they made the brand strong even in the beginning of Nokia and Microsoft merge, maybe just work along strong software developers communities to improve the services to extend it worldwide whereareas Nokia brand is starting from scratch, Nokia brand was acknowledged by their customer services and there is room to improve it; I will look forward for your own manufacter industry to really control the quality of your product and even if you find a flaw or gate in the hardware or software you could reply faster as possible.

  • 5)is possible to have hardware level OIS in mid range like in the 8.1 in other phones maybe 7 or 6 series?
    6)is possible to create a module Zeiss lenses with today technology for different distances or combination of lenses? Is an idea about 2 cameras with 4 different lenses and each lenses could take a shot for different distances close or far the second camera could have 2 as the first 2 lenses but each camera would have different approach and it could be blended into photo, maybe is a weird idea but I hope to be understable I am not so good with my English!
  • WesleyLee said:
    madbilly said:
    A useful feature which existing on Nokia phones in the past was the ability to still have alarms active if the phone is turned off. This meant there was no need to leave the phone on all night just so the the alarm was active and would wake us up in the morning for work! HMD's phone don't have this feature, can you please explain what the technical reasons for this are?
    Thanks :)

    This is great input, I hear you, let me look at this and see how to bring it to products.   

    If possible kindly bring back this feature..
  • Focus on the software otherwise is great thank you nokia
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