Nokia 7.2 Android 10 Update is getting ready!

Android 10 roll out for Nokia 7.2 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is scheduled to arrive in December, 2019.

Nokia 7.2 Android 10 Update is getting ready!

SwastikN. SwastikN.
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Android 10 roll out for Nokia 7.2 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is scheduled to arrive in December, 2019. The Android 10 update will for Nokia 7.2 will bring significant changes in terms of gesture navigation, Focus Mode, Dark Theme and more. The Nokia 7 Plus is also scheduled to receive the upgrade as the same time as 7.2. HMD is expected to bring Significant changes to its Camera UI, including Pausing Video and Improvements over the slow motion video recordings. 


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  • There's no focus Mode in Android 10 update for the Nokia 8.1 . Also whenever I start watching a video on the YouTube app, the phone crashes and locks.
    Nokia needs to address these bugs in an update.
  • Fingers crossed 
  • cherouffa cherouffa
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    sure ?

  • Source?

  • SwastikN. SwastikN.
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    Nokiamob(dot)net official Twitter handle. They had an internal communication with the HMD.

  • SwastikN. SwastikN.
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    @ron2010 I completely agree with your opinions. The templates Nokia is using for every issue are just the same. If we tweet about something they differ is to their support chat and if we get to the support chat they want us to visit the Nokia Store for every possible scenario. Atleast do let us know sometimes that you guys are hearing us.

  • Is it true that android 10 will get on 7.2 by December?

  • Ronny2010 Ronny2010
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    Realy strange ? My husband's mate 20 lite receive now Android 10 !!!! This is the world in his head when Android one 7.2 don't know when 10 comes.

  • Sunny Verma Sunny Verma
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    Can you ask for nokia 6.1 plus, i can't as i don't have a Twitter account.

  • shaikh amaan fm shaikh amaan fm
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    Are you sure that 7.2 will get Android 10 by December? If not, then you should not make such false statements without mentioning any source.

  • SwastikN. SwastikN.
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    This comment was made by an anonymous HMD official back on October at a site called Nokiamob(dot)net.

    I absolutely know about the standards and protocols which should be maintained at a community forum. But again, thanks for your valuable advice.

  • Umar Shah Umar Shah
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    Hey @SwastikN.

    I think as per the conference which was held in Egypt HMD clearly mentioned that nokia 7.2 will get Android 10 update in the end of q1 2020. Just watch the video

    Too bad we'll have to wait soo long.

  • SwastikN. SwastikN.
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    Probably Good News: GSMArena reports that Nokia 7.2 is going to get the Android 10 Update in January. Here is the link:

  • Well, I am disappointed by 7.2 so far, first of all it doesn't support AR Core even my 6.1 plus has it, there are so many cool AR apps out there but I can't use any of them. Second it has some performance issue, while launching camera, if your phone has any app locker, it stuck between no where and you can't do anything but force shut down the device. I can ignore slow face unlock but these other lags are way too much to ignore.

  • SwastikN. SwastikN.
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    As far as the agencies are concerned HMD is expected to address these long overdue perfomance issues in the upcoming Android 10 Update for 7.2 along with glitches regrading PureDisplay and more.

    For ARCore Support on 7.2 please tweet your plea on Twitter mentioning @NokiaMobile and @Sarvikas and use the forum and also write down your plea on a recent thread demanding for the ARCore Support on the 7.2 available on this forum.

    Untill then, have faith.

  • mqv mqv
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    Faith? This is a phone that costs real money. It should work and it should be able to run at least the same apps the 7.1 can. You expect them to work on the bugs, you don't actually know it I guess.

  • kdfischer kdfischer
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    I have not much faith, just from experience, but I hope they add an option to turn off the Power On jingle sound on the 7.2. It's hillariously annoying because it blasts in full volume no way to change it. Also i hope the google search bar on the home screen will become movable.
  • SwastikN. SwastikN.
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    Use Do Not Disturb Mode to turn off Start up Nokia Tune. Before Switching off your phone turn on Do not disturb and then if you power it on, you won't hear the Startup tone.

    For the Google Search bar to be movable we need to wait for the Android 11.

  • Hi Nokia.

    This is Rick i bought my first phone was nokia x2-01

    It was future device at that time.

    My friends used to use android and Apple i use to show off my nokia X2-01

    I miss those day

    I have bought nokia 7.2

    But it's not worth it.

    I'm not happy with camera and other things.

    You guys are using stock android then also you guys are not able to supply us proper update on time

    It a **** camera my older android which i have rooted can click better picture with a gcam.

    And you guys have also blocked boot unlocking but

    Some how i managed to unlock it

    Please i have trusted you guys

    Please don't loose our trust agian

    it will be a hard time then

    Provide us some thing so we can boast other about my phone.

    And so you get other customers

    Thank you


  • Please don't make Google search bar move able it's stock android dude it ment for it.

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    and that's the worst thing on my home screen. I hate it. It just wastes so much space and stays there for no reason. This should be moveable.

    No. it's not meant for it. Stock android doesn't mean it has to force a google search bar on home screen. This is Android One (Google's forced customised version of Android just for promoting/forcing use of google apps) and hence the forced google search bar.

  • Pablo Snd Pablo Snd
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    With the new android 10 version, would it be possible to make the Nokia 7.2 compatible with ARcore from Google? I mean, the phone is already compatible but we need that Google includes this device in the supported devices. Will it happen with this update?

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