First impressions - and suggestions for improvements

I've had this device for a day and half now, and pretty much found what I like and what I don't like. Here's my (very short) "review".

First impressions - and suggestions for improvements

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I've had this device for a day and half now, and pretty much found what I like and what I don't like. Here's my (very short) "review".
I've been a Google Nexus user since 2015, and so I want stock Android - which is why I went for Nokia this time. I was a big fan of Nokia back at the turn of the century, and one might say we've come full circle now. :-) I generally like the Nokia 8!

OK, here goes - the bad:

1) The screen is extremely sensitive - e.g. when I use the app drawer I have a tendency of opening an app by mistake rather than scrolling down. The only solution I've found for this so far is to install a modded Pixel launcher, but even with that I sometimes open an app when I actually want to scroll. The same goes for the Google app swiping to the left from the home screen: sometimes when I want to scroll down, I instead open an article in the list.

2) It REALLY should be possible to disable the Nokia tune at startup. While it is like the Nokia phones of old, it is something I'm not used to anymore, and I almost got a heart attack the first time it played - the volume of it isn't exactly low, either.

3) I hope the camera will be improved further in future updates - a modded Google camera generally does a better job even than the Pro mode, which suggests that the limitations NOT are in the hardware but the software.

4) The fingerprint reader is too small or have some other limitation. Sometimes I have to unlock the phone using the PIN code rather than using my fingerprints, because the fingerprint reader doesn't accept any of the 5 fingerprints I've registered. Also, I'm quite used to having that on the rear, so I have put my finger on the flash more than once... ;-)

5) Swiping down with two fingers to instantly get access to settings doesn't seem to work as it did on the Nexus 6P.

And the good :-)

1) Stock Android - perfect!

2) An extremely powerful device (I have the 6 GB RAM/128 ROM version) - far more than my old Nexus 6P. It runs both games and other apps that require some power with ease, though I still cannot play on absolute top graphics in all games (which may well be due to poor optimization in the games' engines, mind you).

3) The camera Pro mode has helped A LOT with camera performance - but as I've said there's still work that needs to be done on image processing.

4) The size - I've gotten used to rather big handsets since 2014 (Nexus 6 was gigantic, but Nexus 6P isn't exactly small either) - however, I've found that 5,3" is a very nice size. For my hands. :-) I can actually operate the phone with one hand if I need to.

5) I am liking very much the hardware setup for the cameras, with one in colour and one in monochrome. If image quality can be improved these cameras can take absolutely gorgeous pictures.


  • Hi user153246056119,  

    Thanks for this review, constructive critique and suggestions. We are very aware that our phones can always improve and we are working hard on it to bring a good Nokia  experience to our customers. Feedback like this helps us a lot. Hopefully you can enjoy the Nokia 8 although the flaws you found :) 

    Best regards, 


    P.S. A bit off-topic, but I saw you were in touch with the support team because you can’t change your username? Could you report in this >topic< if you still face this issue? Unfortunately, this seems to happen to people randomly and we still try to figure out why and new data could help us.

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    If the user has had it a day and a half how do they know the pro update has helped the camera a lot? Surely they never even got to try out the old version.

  • Wow, I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition. :-)
    But to answer ye of little faith, it is actually quite simple:
    1) I did a short camera test after unboxing, before upgrading to Oreo 8.1.

    2) As far as I've understood the Pro mode is an addendum to the existing functionality, thus using the normal picture mode is (more or less like) using the "old" camera. I might be mistaken there, though.
    3) I haven't only tested the device I now call my own, I have tested 3 other units in shops quite extensively before I purchased the phone, not least because of the mixed reception it got. These I know are at 7.1.1, and there is no Pro mode available to them.

  • More of the good stuff :-)
    6) OZO audio - simply brilliant!

  • @Laura Moderator: I don't know what happens, actually. It seems the "Save" button has no function (nothing happens when I press it). I can't even log in using Chrome, that works using Edge. However I cannot edit my profile with Edge, either.
    That's about the info I can give you, I'm afraid...

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    Chill your beans fella, no need to get on your high horse, you clearly said you had owned the Nokia 8 a day and half then you get the lip out when someone questions what you actually stated, I was intrigued as to how you came to the conclusions in such a short space of time that's all, sorry if you find that unreasonable.
  • Perhaps you should have asked your question in a less "the dude is a liar" way, then? But let's stop this pointless bickering.

  • mrbelter mrbelter
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    By all means feel free to quote where i called you a liar, it just isn't the done thing, i simply questioned your findings based on the information you yourself gave, sorry if that upset you in anyway.

  • OK, this is VERY bad. The box states that the device has 6 GB RAM. The device itself however says it has 4. Nokia Customer service does not seem to care, so it is probably farewell to Nokia and back to Google phones after all..

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