Dead pixels

Nokia 8.1 has more software issues and at last I had a dead pixel issue is anybody has this issues


    PSHND ✭✭✭
    Dead or stuck? If it shows a color it is just stuck. There are apps on play store that could potentially fix it for you. It sends burst of max brightness flashing colors, so I think a flashing warning should be in place if you decide to try it. 
  • Haresh Madhav
    Haresh Madhav ✭✭
    edited November 2019
    Name the app
  • i do have a stuck pixel issue... does not seem to get resolved by the app fixes.
    the pixel shows green up on black screen, though it turns fine on rest of the colors. its bothering as its right in the centre. should i get it replaced or any other fix to try?
  • It's better to replace