Nokia 4.2 honest feedback

Nokia, The phone overall is styled well, battery life is better than reported on most review websites.

Nokia 4.2 honest feedback

Mf19 Mf19
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The phone overall is styled well, battery life is better than reported on most review websites. Updates are excellent, security wise Nokia is light years ahead in the software department by running Android one. Can't really fault anything in that regard. 

The biggest flaw with this phone is the placement of the Google assistant button. Whoever decided to place that Google assistant button inline with the lock/power button is out of their mind. I find it impossible to avoid pushing the Assistant button when using the lock screen button. Place it at the top of the phone next time, so that every time I grab a firm grip of my phone I don't push the assistant button. 

Also, work on some sort of decent IP rating even if it ain't certified. My 7 plus had been exposed to water, (I got caught in the rain, and it got destroyed) after 4 months of ownership. 

Besides that, keep it up Nokia.  


  • pneumatic pneumatic
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    I'd recommend disabling the Google Assistant button. It's not like it saves that much time anyway, unless you're using it all the time. As I don't use it, I wish I could map the button to some other custom function.

    I find battery life is excellent in Battery Saver mode, but only with the original version of the Device Health Services app, and only with all apps closed. In this configuration I get 3% usage per 24hrs standby on my unit, but notifications become too unreliable in this configuration, especially after a few hours when Android goes into its super low power state mode.

    It seems notifications can be made more reliable though by leaving open the apps you want to receive notifications through, but then I found this increases the battery consumption to the same as turning Battery Saver mode off, i.e 6% per 24hrs on my unit.

    The "restrict app from using battery in the background" setting doesn't seem to work either, as one of my apps was posting notifications even when closed and set to restricted. I've since started using Greenify which more forcibly shuts down apps - equivalent to pressing "Force Stop" for each app.

    My biggest complaint with the phone is probably the speaker quality. Anything over ~60% volume introduces distortion. For an example, open Google Maps, Settings, Navigation Settings, Play test sound. The loud peaks of her voice have a lot of crackle to them, which indicates clipping, unless I reduce volume to about ~60%. imo they should have used a custom soft clipping curve tailored to the speaker response rather than having it clip that badly. To most people this is probably not an issue as the earpiece speaker doesn't have the issue, but as I use speakerphone mode 100% of the time, it's an annoyance.

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    Interesting discussion, thanks.

    A question please? What is the exact role of "Force Stop"?

    When can it be used ?

    Thanks, B.

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