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Deactivate accesibilty service if you have some activated. They are know to cause lags

[Survey] We want to hear from you!


  • Cico Cico
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    I myself regretting after buying Nokia 7 plus , it's such .. useless peace of a junk 🤷... Lags and lags and too many lags .... Your software I don't know what u r doing with your softwares.... But being a clean android it's the worst phone I have ever used in my life .. honestly and smart guys ... I don't need any suggestions.... I am using how it should be used .. so don't come showing off as smart **** .... Thank u 
    Deactivate accesibilty service if you have some activated. They are know to cause lags
  • kas kas
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    Done writing an essay in the improvement section

  • user abhi user abhi
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    Thanks for your initiative... I love nokia phones and i also suggest others to buy this phone... Only two things nokia need to improve is 1) camera quality, post processing of image 2) battery capacity... Otherwise phone is perfect... Camera is not upto the mark compare to price point... 
  • Focus on the software bugs
  • Please optimise in the future update
  • Build quality is superb just optimised fullfill
  • amozniyi amozniyi
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    [{"insert":"I buy Nokia phones because of its quality that has no comparison but Nokia phones do not allow users to select default storage between phone and SD card there by making SD card useless. I'm using Nokia 5.1 plus, it doesn't recognise my SD card. I have to remove the card and be using the phone without memory card. Several times I chatted with technical support but they could not solve the problem. This has to be looked into and get solved once and for all.\n"}]
  • Very fast android 10 update on nokia 8.1 its good but nokia 9 and 7.1 its to late

  • SidG26 SidG26
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    Link is not working

  • Ashish Hunkeri Ashish Hunkeri
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    @SidG26 Use same link and open in chrome. Link works fine on chrome only.

  • Michael Koern Michael Koern
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    Nokia! Like Phoenix! Comes Back -and- this every new model: reality ist back, too! Great promised patchs and updates becomes more difficult and needs recources. 7.2 starts with difficult software faults. Users are waiting for security-patches and maintance-patches! 7.1 has had simulas problems but has been fixed faster. The Idea this Android one is very good. But now, it's time for better communication for a at least better products or consumer get frustrated first! Longtime products must prepare very well before start! Many faults and long waiting for patches frustrat consumers - and produces doubts! Don't hurry and you'll be better!!!

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    @darren Please copy the link and use it in the web browser (Firefox or Chrome). It will not work in the community app.

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    Open this copy this link you can view the google formhttps://forms.gle/qRNdHwCrC9Rs8jMD9

  • I. Adeyemi I. Adeyemi
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    When will Nokia introduce font changing to their phone. That is the only thing that doesn't make me like Nokia 100%

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    Nokia with fastest software update is very impressive but users have to protect (APP LOCK ) all pre-installed and manually installed apps by third party apps. So i prefer if nokia provides custom lock app option on inbuilt condition with my phone app it will great to keep privacy.Even vivo had that option.

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