final Solution of no ota after august 2019 update in (my phone)

my phone specsnokia 3.1 plus (indian variant)3gb/32gbmodel-TA-1118build number or id 00WW_2_25Kproblem:

final Solution of no ota after august 2019 update in (my phone)

Mukul Mukul
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my phone specs
nokia 3.1 plus (indian variant)
build number or id 00WW_2_25K
problem: no ota after august 2019 update

First of all following links are not official links, these links are provided by a user so do installation at on your own risk i am not responsible for any damage, the ota downloaded by these links worked for me and i successfully updated my phone to october 2019.

august 2019 full ota zip file approx 1.1 gb

september 2019 ota file approx 100 mb

step 1>>>>>first of all download september update and rename this ota file to or something like that and then place the zip file into the sd card attached in your phone. restart into recovery and flash it. if you are lucky enough then your phone flash the september ota successfully and then check the security patch level and if it shows september 2019 then manually check the ota update and you got the october 2019 update.

step 2>>>>> if your recovery gives error during installation of september 2019 patch then you need to install august ota update by the above mention method and after successfully update you need to check the security patch level for confirming the ota installed correctly then go to recovery mode and install the september patch as i mentioned in the step 1 and the remaining process will be the same after installing september 2019 update as i mentioned in the step 1.

Note:- you need to download full ota package, if your package is not fully downloaded then it gives error in recovery.
i am not gurantee you for the success but in my case i and my friend got the success. 
july 2019 and not certified device error in play store, can use this method but 50 % chances of success because you got august ota so you can update your phone as usual you can upgrade not downgrade.
i am a user like you and found out the solution and mentioned here for make all of you stress free due to lack of nokia irresponsible support.

good luck if you are confuse about installation method then go to below link and use second method of ota installation. steps are the same but tutorial is for nokia 8.1 :

(only for the ota problem after august 2019 problem )  first install september 2019 patch and if it gives errors then try to install august 2019 patch, then install september 2019 patch

****if you have problem in july 2019 update then you need to first install august 2019 update and then september 2019 update. as rules says you can upgrade but not downgrade your phone. but it worked or not in july 2019 problem i dont know because i have not such problem in my phone so try

good luck


  • THANKS !

  • Sarge876 Sarge876
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  • I thank you very much it worked
  • 98harshit 98harshit
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    Thanks..flashing September ota worked for me
  • Soham Kanji Soham Kanji
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    You, sir, are a lifesaver.  :)
  • Thank you... it worked.
  • Mukul Mukul
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    result of my hard work

    you all are awesome
  • Swagata Swagata
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    I can't do this. Please help me. Mukul if possible then you post a video of this ota final solution.
  • Hello swagatha for that download the September patch which was provided as link by Mr.Mukul and rename it and move it to sd card which attached to your phone .. After that you just power off your phone and connect it to charger and press power and vol up button simultaneously and you will see andriod picture and then you leave all the buttons . After again you press vol up button and power button.Then you will see some options. Then you go to install update from sd card by clicking the vol down button and stop at that and click power button and choose and again click power button.Now it will install wait for 15 to 20 mins .for booting it may take 5 mins .Don't worry.All the best👍👍👍👍
  • Mukul Mukul
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    i am not a youtuber but i agree that a video should be a great solution. 
  • Plz Making a video
  • Thanks it worked

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