Facebook HD Video Problem

Hi, I was wondering if there is an update on the situation with Facebook videos not playing in HD on the Nokia 6.1.

Facebook HD Video Problem


I was wondering if there is an update on the situation with Facebook videos not playing in HD on the Nokia 6.1. I have tried a bunch of settings to fix this, but can't seem to resolve it. Does anyone know any tricks to fixing it, or can a moderator give me an update on the progress of a potential fix or patch coming down the line.

Thanks, Luke :)


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    nope, no fix or communication of one being worked on ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • I used the chat function on Nokia support, unfortunately they couldn't fix the problem. Apparently it is an issue with the latest security patch and they should have it fixed by around August 1st. Im a little suspicious of this however as the issue seems to go back way further than the July security patch from what I've seen on the forums here. Tomorrow I'm going to pop into JB hifi and see if I can get hd Facebook videos to work on a display model of the 6.1, to see if the issue is particular to some unlucky phone owners or if it affects every 6.1 (and if it is just the unlucky ones I'll get mine exchanged :'D). I'm gonna be on this forum and in contact with Nokia until I have full hd videos on Facebook, a function that should never be broken imo.

    I'm actually quite confident it wouldn't be an issue affecting all 6.1's as there would be far more websites dissing it and people complaining about it if it was. So far I've only been able to find like 6 topics on the issue anywhere. But I'll find out tomorrow anyway!

    PS. I sent a support ticket to Facebook as well, to see if they know anything about it as well.
  • So I wasn't able to test on a display model as they are locked to what apps can and can't be installed. But I got confirmation from a staff member who said quote "we sell stacks of these" that no one else has the same issue as me. This makes my theory that its the unlucky few phone owners who get the short straw. After Augusts update I'll post here if the problem is fixed. I also get to return the phone if the issue persists after the update (thank you JB hi fi) and if that happens I will update this post as well.
  • Hey all just an update if anyone wanted to know what ended up happening. I got tired of waiting for an update so I ended up taking it back to JB to a full refund then buying the 7 plus. The 7 plus doesnt have the issue. Hopefully for everyone with the Facebook issue it gets resolved by the security update or android P.

    On a final note, I went into every JB hi Fi in my city while I was deciding on which phone to get and NONE of them had ever heard of this issue. So I reckon its just an unlucky few who have it and I personally suspect it's a hardware or inherent software fault that you should definitely return the phone over.
  • Did this start working for anyone else? I can see HD videosn now.

  • Even on my device couldn't able to play hd videos on fb
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