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Hello everybody

I have a Problem with the Nokia Camera App. There are no GPS tags written in to the Pictures. GPS is enabled on the Nokia 7.2 and in the Camera App.

Google Maps can locate me. Other Camera Apps can write the GPS tags in the Pictures, but the Nokia Camera can not.

One exception: In the Nightmode, the GPS tags are set in the Nokia Camera App.

The Nokia Camera was Reset by me but that did not solve the Problem

Anyone have an idea what's going wrong here.


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    I found the Problem. The Nokia Camera can not set GPS Tags in the Pictures in Standard Picturemode. Only in the Nightmode it works. Please test this with an Exif Tool by your own Pictures or take another Gallery App (no Google Photos or Google Go Galery). Google Photos can still show the location. I have no idea where Google Photos takes the information about the Location.

  • I did face same issue. My nokia 7.2 does not store GPS location data but google photo shows it. Only gps compass value is stored..

    In 'night mode' camera works fine and stores GPS location data. I have escalated this issue via support chat.

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    Verified on multiple locations!

    Some EXIF data is saved but location isn't there...

    @HMDLaura that's pretty basic "feature" that must be addressed to tec's ASAP.

  • As I've checked, Location is being tagged in 12MP photo resolution, Wide Angle Camera, Selfie Camera but not in 48MP resolution. I've too checked that it was happening in 48MP photo resolution too in last few months but not now. Yeah, it's a bug. @HMDLaura Forward to technical team. Thank you.

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    In my phone this feature is available.

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    TY, that option is checked since day 1 but without any effect on "48MP" pictures.

    GPS data is missing, checked on several pictures with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.



    Enabling / disabling RAW support doesn't change anything either...

    Well HMD / Nokia, that's up to You now!

  • Hey @3377 I found a trick.

    I've resetted Nokia Camera App by going into app info and then clear storage.

    Then when I started clicked even using 48MP, it was tagging GPS.

    Hope it might help you.

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    Sad to say but that didn't do anything except reset settings to defaults..

    "Photoshop Lightroom" and "Exif Pilot" shows only empty fields for EXIF data:

    So Nokia / HMD: Back to drawing board please!

    Compared to a "working" camera/GPS the entire "GPS" info block is missing from photos taken with 7.2:

    With 7.2


    Even EXIF version flag is missing...

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    I just want to add that I've tested quite a few other camera apps last days (Corona quarantine) and so far, all of them wrote correct GPS / EXIF data to photos...

    So HMD / Nokia: There definitively is a bug in camera software, please address to dev team ASAP.

  • I have a ticket open with Google about this, but it is looking like a bug in the Nokia Camera App. I'll update when Google come back to me, they've been investigating for three weeks now!

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    Android 10 update fixed the issue (at least GPS EXIF tags).

    Just checked with 'Adobe Lightroom' (tags work) and 'Exif Pilot' (tags are there and shows correct data).

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    Pictures in portrait mode the error is still with Android 10.

  • It's reassuring to see other people with the same issue. I've been working through this with Google support and trying to get traction from Nokia support. I'll send them a link to this thread. For me using Open Camera gets around the issue but I want to use the Nokia camera.