Losing notification sounds after June update

TA-1050, bought outright, but on Virgin Mobile Australia   This means that setting a morning alarm is useless.   Test case: 1) Boot normally

Losing notification sounds after June update

TA-1050, bought outright, but on Virgin Mobile Australia


This means that setting a morning alarm is useless.


Test case:

1) Boot normally

2) Open "Clock" app and try to change the alarm sound, you will hear the new sound

3) Leave for an unspecified amount of time

4) Repeat step 2, sound will not be heard.


This also seems to effect notification sounds as well.


Reboot will solve.


Last night I booted into safe mode, set an alarm and it worked. So, it might be app related, but it only started happening after I installed the June update.


I am currently uninstalling apps to try and work out if/which one is causing the problem. Might go for a factory reset, but that is a pain with the amount of backing up I have to do.


Posting here in case anyone else experiences it, and if they have worked it out already :), because Nokia support is basically useless.


  • user1532970332988 user1532970332988
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    I'm getting the same issue here. Quite annoying.
  • Hey user1532970332988, do you have Prime Photos or Amazon Drive app installed?

    Basically, I factory reset the phone and installed apps one-ish by one-ish. It looks as if one or both of Prime Photos and Amazon Drive might be the culprit as the problem seemed to happen after I installed them both at the same time on Saturday. I removed them and rebooted and it was back to normal. However, I have been  wondering if I just messed up as I tested the alarm with the default alarm sound which has > 1 second pause at the beginning and was rushing at the time. 

    I need to do some more testing first, as it is entirely possible it isn't app related and just coincidence, but I need an alarm and phone during the week more than I need those two apps so will probably wait for the weekend again.

    That is the only time I have come across the problem, so a factory reset might help. Just make sure you back up properly! Also, if you use Signal messenger, follow their instructions to the letter wrt restoring - you can only seem to do it on first install!

  • MrNightcall MrNightcall

     Same thing on my phone. TA - 1043

  • I've talked with customer service, they said I could try a software reset (holding volume up + power until 'Android One' shows up). So far so good.
  •  Prime Photos definitely causes this.

    1) Install Prime Photos

    2) Set it up to log into your Amazon Drive

    3) Wait an unspecified period of time

    4) Open "Clock" app and select an alarm sound, you will not hear it, but will see the alarm icon jiggling around

    I have tried turning off notifications at the OS level. No joy.

    To resolve, uninstall Prime Photos and reboot.

  • The thing is, I don't have Prime Photos installed. I have however the normal Amazon app installed, but after a soft reset, the issue got solved. I didn't have it since 3 days now.

  • Many apps are terrible for phone stability, power use, bandwidth use etc. A considerable nunnery of apps load at system startup or stay in the memory for the purpose of pushing ads, these are also potential security risks.

    Even games do this, like Sboy World Adventure. Luckily you can disable it from memory, but it shouldn't be allowed. A huge number of issues on friend's Android phone are a direct result of apps and games doing this, removing or disabling apps that are unnecessary or shouldn't stay in the memory resolved almost all issues they have had.

    Google should really have feature in Android P that means you have to apprive an app if it wants to stay in the memory, and the ability to easily disable it. For apps that push notifications, it should be done through a core API where the details are registered on a contact system in that API, such that notifications are handled by the phone and not the app directly. This would also mean issues like in this topic wouldn't (or would unlikely) happen.
  • It happend again... I don't have a shitload of apps on the phone. It's getting VERY annoying.

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