Proximity Sensor issue

Hey, I am facing a weird issue on my 7.2. the sensor sometime mess up the display doesn't turn back on when you want to end call or put it on speaker after answering it. (Happen 1-2 times out of 10) it happens rarely. (Note: i am not using any cover and guard)


  • chiraggohil
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    Not happening with me

  • @chiraggohil It happens rarely, when you want to end call i.e take phone away from ear to end it. The screen sometime s doesn't glow itself. I have to press power button 2-3 time to get to the screen.

  • Yes it happens with my phone too.

  • Поздняков
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    happens to me 8/10 times
  • with me

  • SwastikN.
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    @Manish Toor As I know, HMD is aware of this issue related to Google Phone app and they have informed Google about it. The fix for this issue might come with the next update for Google Phone app( as Motorola users also reported same kind of issue) or if it's a firmware issue, the issue will certainly get fixed with the next massive OTA for 7.2 combined October and November security patches and Maintenance Release by the end of the next week.

  • Muser
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    Out of curiosity, where is the proximity sensor located? Is it in the bezel or underneath the display?

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup has an in display proximity sensor and many users complain about it. I wonder if something like that could be happening with the 7.2?

  • I returned two xaiomi A3 phones for the very same issue. Didn't realise it was a generic issue with Android

  • I get the opposite where I have to press power button during a call to switch off the screen otherwise it'll pull down the notifications bar with my ear and open app and all sorts lol