Worst phone in the histroy of NOKIA

Purchased this phone on the initial launch.

Worst phone in the histroy of NOKIA

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Purchased this phone on the initial launch. It worked fine for about 10 days and then it eventually got slowed and now it takes around 1 min to load dialer or show keyboard, if tried to restar the phone it will tahe 2-3 minutes. Nokia is no more the old company who was caution about its product. They dont care anymore about the product quality moreover at a price of Rs.5499.00 this sad quality wasnt expected. At this price range other company offer better quality and specification the nokia. Android GO is the worst platform, it claim it will work fast but it does completly opposite of what it say.


  • jkelol111 jkelol111
    You might have installed some misbehaving software in your phone. Android Go or the Nokia 1 isn't that slow.
  • Yes worst phone in Nokia history.
    First, apps are getting close from the background.
    Maybe mine isn't taking minutes but 3-4 seconds which is also too much time for a smartphone like Nokia with 1gb ram and a softer softwares and OS. And yes, I'm very sure that I never did installed any misbehave software.
    And after 2-3 months now the battery is also draining too fast when it was very good for first 2-3 months.

    I never wanted to write anything against Nokia because I'm still a huge fan of old Nokia. And we all believe that you'll fix all these problems with an update very soon.
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