Nokia 7.2 issue

Nokia 7.2 mobile has problem with touch screen and sensor problem ,it will turn off suddenly etc simply waste of money on Nokia 7.2 20,000 don't go on Nokia 7.2 full of complaints


  • Manish Toor
    Manish Toor ✭✭✭
    edited November 2019

    @Arjun k Sorry to hear that your device is not running well. Yes, various users are facing sensor problem including me (during call, it happens rarely with my device). I hope the october update will fix this issue.

    If you have issues with touch screen First have a chat with Nokia (chat service nokia is providing to resolve issue) if that doesn't work then kindly contact your nearest nokia care ASAP. PEACE

  • @Arjun k : yes bro same issue iam facing waste of money