Sending proper BUG or FEATURE report through forums

Hi all, especially to Laura and mods. I wish you could take this into consideration for a forum update or make this sticky for other to consider this.

Sending proper BUG or FEATURE report through forums

omissis omissis
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Hi all, especially to Laura and mods.

I wish you could take this into consideration for a forum update or make this sticky for other to consider this.

Basing it on experience both personal and professional, I can tell that software or hardware engineers at HMD would get an use of bug and features report for existing or new products.

If we say that this forum can help, well I think it should be made with a criterium; so why not introduce a guided feedback report?

Following below there is a series of simple questions that need to be answered if we have to feedback (good for a guided form) , otherwise it's just chimpout !

1. Model code (TA-XXXX) and IMEI

2. Software Version (check Settings/ System/ System Informations)

3. Year of purchase

4. How long from one charge to the other ?

5. What are you trying to do ?

6. What do you expect ?

7. What happens instead ? >> Is it related to (network, interface/notifications, touch response, buttons) ?

8. Is it pre-installed software or installed from Store/APK ? What happens if you uninstall it?

9. What happens if you restart it ?

10. What happens if you force-restart it ?

11. Can you erase data and test as a clean device ?

I believe that, if guided, we customers can greatly contribute; also that enables people to do themself  some troubleshooting because most of the times the software issues can be easily recovered unless a bug is detected.

Hope that engineers want to hear some feedback


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    As for FEATURE request:

    1. Where you want improvement (Apps / System) ?
    2. How you think improvement should act?
    3. What feature do you think it would improve your experience with your device ?
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    Please note the phone IMEI is Personally Identifiable Information and should not be posted (or be allowed) in a public forum. For mobile devices it's always relevant to know country and network provider.

    I'm a grumpy old man and afraid your suggestions can't work, for both technical and social reasons. Repeated requests and FAQ's in Microsoft Answers mobile devices did not minimize the overwhelming number of 'It doesn't work, fix it!' postings. Also, vandals are clever nowadays and it's trivial to abuse website scripts and automated forms.

    - I reckon it would help if a couple of techie nerds from HMD were allowed to participate in the forum? - Somebody who knows what's going on - I miss you guys from the original Nokia Discussions...

    -- Hans
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    Hi Hans 

    I can understand what you're pointing out and it's correct, no personal infos should be involved. Mine is only an attempt to get mods able to have an organized flux of discussion where users (like me) can contribute to focus on issues and how to troubleshoot or file them as real bugs. 

    I'm also a windows insider and I can confirm what you reported, it's frustrating sometimes.

    Now, as long as places like this could be relevant to get things working or pave ways to new products or features, I believe that each of us can make a difference  , OTOH I'm getting loads of useless entries or bullying words, so I'm not very much stimulated to contribute here.

    Yes, I've told this on other places already so I agree with you, forum could be improved if an engineer or support tech would jump in from time to time.


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    Hi again Max,

    The Freshdesk user forum software is limited in several ways, sadly.
    I hope you can find a way to participate within your interests and expertise, without being too annoyed by the technical limitations and the vandals.
    Two or three postings on lazy days with nothing better to do is fine IMO.

    My favourite workaround is tap the Follow button, then tap Following, to unsubscribe before sending a reply - to avoid receiving notification emails with follow-ups that is moderated later (or is removed by the user himself).

    Both the Android operating system and Google's own apps and cloud features is more or less broken when scratching the shiny surface. The Qualcomm drivers and the Evenwell/HMD stuff is also far from perfect, so there's plenty to do.
    (I did consider participate in Google's forums regarding their stuff but can't find the time or energy).


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    Thanks for your suggestions Hans, appreciated.

    Though I'm fresh into the Android world and more skilled when it comes to iOS, Windows, I'd like to point at simple troubleshooting methods like those featured at Apple's Knowledge Base so that it's simple for the average user to isolate and report what's likely to be a bug.

    As for Freshdesk I'll look into it but I'd like that the Nokia community itself would develop beginning with re-facing the forum with , e.g. some macro areas like "BUGS" with sticky posts guiding to issues' self isolation. 

    Another hope of mine is that the Beta Labs would spread to apps as well as it was in the Symbian days as an alternative for bugs and feature testing.

    Lastly I also hope for a PC tool as proposed in

    If this is taken in consideration and well built this would drastically reduce the need to send device to service for software issues and help fix major software issues. On the other side I barely know Android's mechanics and the multiple partitions is something that should be carefully considered in order to run such utilities without causing device malfunctions or , worse, bricking .


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