Nokia 8 Basic Issues

Even before asking for Android 10, first let's ask for a stable pie version.

Nokia 8 Basic Issues

Even before asking for Android 10, first let's ask for a stable pie version. After that pie update, I see some reboots whenever I open my stock camera app or I try to capture a snap. And also there prevails some sound issues when the phone is in 100% volume. Also noticing some volume levels while calling. I thought it as hardware fault but soon I had some remedies. I used GCam, while using it I never noticed a reboot. I solved the sound issues when the volume is at 75%. And for call volume, I find no problem when I on WhatsApp call.

I ask Nokia to first roll a stable Android pie update in order to fix these issues. It's a flagship phone I know Nokia doesn't bother on updating os version or camera app or glance etc, but I request atleast to give a smooth experience on the available Android version.

I request all fellow Nokia 8 users to respond to this thread if you have similar problem.



  • I agree with you

  • uzair ahmed uzair ahmed
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    I agree with you...

    Nokia should solve these issues....

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    I don't think they will sadly, i have said many times that the Nokia 8 seems like the phone HMD just want to sweep under the carpet and forget about and given its age they can probably just do that now.

    They can hold there hands up and say we have given this handset great support, which they have, they aren't lying it has had great support but what they have not done is ever address the issues that have turned a great phone in to a poor one. It is all well and good cheering about monthly patches when you are just ignoring the things people actually want fixing.

  • Pete7811 Pete7811
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    They should allow all Nokia 8 users to update to Android 10! It's a bummer that Nokia 8.1 gets the update,.but they wanna leave US with half baked software.

    Thanks but No thanks.

  • MdSadique MdSadique
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    Basic issues should be fixed

  • dj bourko dj bourko
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    I dont use Nokia's camera software because the software is buggy I think Nokia should fix this with Android 10 release just to keep customer's happy as the phone is good with pixel camera software intalled... and they only just fixed most of the other problems with phones firmware... so I think this would be the right thing to do because I do believe that Nokia would lose costomer's that would be Nokia fan's if they don't fixed the last few bugs and have Android 10 :)...i was a Samsung fan for a year's now i will only use phones that are on the Android one program.. or google pixel's..if this phone doesn't get Android 10 I will go and get a pixel this time next year

  • Unal Inanli Unal Inanli
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    Bump, please fix this problem. i do not want to change my beloved Nokia phone for another. But if i must then i will, i value my sanity much more.

  • Sanjay Sharan Sanjay Sharan
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    My Nokia 8 was my love at first sight post sad closure of Nokia. However it can't function unless continuously plugged to power. Otherwise Android keeps on rebooting the phone. It's Android 9 as of now but not updating to latest Android. Is it a serious issue or can we do something about it.

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