[Moved] Nokia 2.2 screen brightness issue.

Nokia 2.2 (Android 9) have screen brightness issue if using phone when it is recharging.

[Moved] Nokia 2.2 screen brightness issue.

Janne Tamming Janne Tamming
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Nokia 2.2 (Android 9) have screen brightness issue if using phone when it is recharging. Screen brightness stuck in full setting and it can't be changed until restarting phone. Even in sleep mode screen is on. Nasty bug in system.


  • [{"insert":"I have similar issues with brightness.\n1. When turning off Adaptive Brightness & Lowering the brightness to below %50 causes the screen to have wierd Brightness loading anything.. It slowly goes from dark to light when opening massages and changes randomly while I'm reading.\n \n\n"}]
  • Naseh Naseh
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    I changed this phone for 2 times and it's 3rd Nokia 2.2 i bought . Because i thought it is a hardware issue. I have same problem ( adaptive brightness is off) , when brightness is below 50%, the brightness of screen changes randomly and without any reason and it's super annoying. I asked helped from support of Nokia but it couldn't help. Now I'm sure it is about software and can be solved by an update. Hope they fix this problem so fast before i broke this phone...

  • brightness issue

  • miketenshi94 miketenshi94
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    I recently bought this phone and it has the same issue. The bug appeared in day one, but due all this covid stuff I haven't got the chance to return it because the store I bought it is closed. I also updated to Android 10 but the bug persists. Has anyone found any fix?

  • I am also facing this brightness bug since I purchased the phone (Nokia 2.2). Unfortunately, issue still persists even after updating device from android 9 to android 10. I can't see this issue to be resolved anytime soon.

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