Lagging after Nov SP

Nokia 7.2 is hanging after November security patch

Lagging after Nov SP

user1517736736022 user1517736736022
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Nokia 7.2 is hanging after November security patch


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    It is okay for me. As always, give it some time to get its optimizations right after it has completed an updated :)

  • chiraggohil chiraggohil
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    Working fine for me

  • Ronny2010 Ronny2010
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    I have same experience, sometimes phone freezing so i can't do nothing anymore. Than i must reboot and there are days that it happen at least 5 times.

  • Yes, the same here. Nokia - is there somebody out here?

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    I'm seeing the same thing. My wife has a Nokia 7.1 and it's started doing the same thing after the latest update it got...

    It does seem to go away for a bit if I force stop the fitbit app. Are other people that see this running fitbit on their phones?

  • Edwardmosh Edwardmosh
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    Seems 7.1 also lagging a bit after recent update

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