No option to use an SD card as internal storage


No option to use an SD card as internal storage

stitch123 stitch123
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I bought a new Kingston micro SDXC card, but my Nokia 7.1 running Android 9 won't let me format it as internal storage, nor will it let me move any app via the Apps & notifications menu.

According to some threads I've found on the internet, Nokia 7.1 shouldn't have this option locked out by the manufacturer, so where could the problem be?

EDIT: The card is otherwise working and I can use my file manager to copy my files back and forth.


  • jdi000 jdi000
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    Imo on a phone with sufficient storage format the card as external and use it that way. Formatting as internal is a long-term risk as the card can fail and corrupt your data. The card does not run as fast or smooth as internal memory.

  • stitch123 stitch123
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    It's supposed to be able to write 80 MB/s and read 100 MB/s, which is apparently faster than most SD cards people use in their phones, but I'm not sure, I don't have much knowledge about RW speeds. You're probably right, though.

    Still, I would like to move at least some of my apps to the card. I tried following this tutorial, but I can't get past step no. 3. There's simply no button called Change.

  • I agree using it as internal storage is risky but have you tried the devolper setting that forces all apps to rewrite to external storage regardless of manifest?

  • jakogscuk jakogscuk

    Caillean Byrne::i have tried the developer mode apparently im now a developer but still dont get the option to rewrite to external memory(with the 128gb sd xc )

  • nmgo3 nmgo3
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    I agree and I can confirm that, such a thing has happened in my case.

    I had inserted the Samsung Evo Plus 32gb microSD card in my Dad's erstwhile Motorola G4 Plus phone and formatted it as an Internal Storage.

    It worked well for 1.5 years but, suddenly one day the card just died. I tried all the possible solutions on the Internet but, to no avail.

    Thankfully, I had taken a full backup of the data, just few days before the microSD Card died.

    I can fully understand the op's request that, it would be great to have this feature.

    But, conversely, if it causes problems in the future and causes your microSD Card to die resulting in data loss and monetary loss, it's better not to have this feature or Not to use it, if it was made available.

    I would like to also state that, sometime back even I was of the firm opinion like the op that, there should be an option to format microSD Cards as an internal storage in our phones.

    However, today I no longer think on such lines. 😊

  • Lazysince1995 Lazysince1995
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    I hv nokia 6.1 plus. Whenever I remove sd card using eject sd card option and insert again after restarting phone it shows option of using sd card as internal storage and external storage both.

    If this option is available in your phone you can try this.

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