Hissing comes from the speaker

Hello. I bought 7.2, 00WW_1_270. I noticed that hissing comes from the speaker.

Hissing comes from the speaker

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Hello. I bought 7.2, 00WW_1_270.

I noticed that hissing comes from the speaker.

Hissing is heard when you watch a video on YouTube, listen to music, or just launch an audio application.

The hiss is still distinctly heard when you turn on the notification Salancia and Titan. After the notification is heard, 2-3 more seconds are heard the hiss.

A hiss is clearly audible if done at 10-20% volume.

Does everyone have such a problem?

Is this a marriage or is it the way it should be?



  • Peer Peer
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    I'm also facing the same issue

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Most speakers make a small amount of static noise when they are active. It is more audible when speakers are turned on. but there is no playback (i.e. no audio coming out of the speaker). I can replicate it on my Nokia 8.1 and the

    I'm sure you can try the same on your home speakers as well.

  • bestphone97 bestphone97
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    I have the same problem. In this case, hissing isn't static noise. The problem appeared with the original phone that I bought on April. The same problem also appears with the phone that I got on this month after the original phone tried to fix by the service 4 times.

  • I have the same problem and it is very annoying .I'm very hopeful that HMD fixes this issue in next update

  • I found out Nokia 5.3 and 6.2 have this problem as well . A normal speaker is a very basic equipment for each mobile phone today and that's a big shame for Nokia

  • Garlandl Garlandl

    Facing same issue here. Help is appreciated My CC Pay

  • Get G Get G
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    我的Nokia 7.2也有这个问题

  • Get G Get G
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    My Nokia 7.2 also has this problem

  • Ardavan Shirzadi Ardavan Shirzadi
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    Has Nokia service fixed this problem for anyone by changing the speaker hardware or via other ways ?

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