Thanks to forum users. Farewell to Nokia.

Thank you to all forum users for the help I received thanks to you.And now it's time to say goodbye to the Nokia brand.

Thanks to forum users. Farewell to Nokia.

leucomax leucomax
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Thank you to all forum users for the help I received thanks to you.And now it's time to say goodbye to the Nokia brand. What Nokia is trying to push us is the worst thing that can happen to a smartphone user. You can't release basic bug fixes. In pursuit of the speed of update you have lost somewhere the most important thing - the satisfaction of your customers.

There is no reliable information that you are working on fixing errors.

I feel cheated by the Nokia brand. Everything you write about is just bragging.

I wish all Users good luck in trying to fix errors made by Nokia developers themselves.

I'm switching to Xiaomi. 2 weeks after upgrading to Android 10 I found 1 software bug. And that's how it should look like.


  • Yes man , i had bought Nokia 8.1 before 2 months ,after using this phone i felt that they are not providing any information whether they are working on any update or not . I came from the Xiaomi company but because of their UI , i switched to Nokia . But in Xiaomi phone they at least provide information about update with approx date. But here we are not getting any information whether they are working on any update or not the admin is not doing anything , at least they must respond to these comments. The Chinese brands are doing great about updates and security patch update and they best part is that they give us information whether the device will get any update or not even there 3 year old phone also get their newest UI version. At least Nokia have to respond to these comments.

  • Same here. Bought the phone one year ago and they didn't manage to get volte to work in Germany - tried Vodafone and o2, both SIM cards volte enabled. I was hoping that hmd will fix it, bit I lost hope by now.

    There's also unfixed issues with NFC - extended length still not supported.

    Currently, it's December and we still stick with the October update.

    I expected more for the price i paid.

  • Mayukh Mayukh
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    It's not about updating the phones every month. It's about making the phone work as good as possible. Nokia is definitely going the wrong way. We shouldn't have to hangout in the forums all the time and suffer from anxiety. We should have a phone that works reliably. Nokia will fall again very soon. Giving us stock android doesn't mean you won't even fix the bugs and just wait for Google to do all the work. We don't want such software with the least functionality where we're not even getting the speed or reliability in how little we're getting for the price. It's really disappointing.

  • Yess! And even in india the price of nokia smartphones is touching the sky , not value for money but people are buying nokia device for timely update , stock Android and build quality but Nokia is not doing anything about update , this is the most important thing in today's world.

  • Mayukh nokia is already in loss but if i didn't get the proper update then i may go to court against nokia.

    Because this is definitely not a joke , if we didn't get timely update then its time to do something big about these brands.

  • Arpit09 Arpit09
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    I have to say this but its like Nokia ko No-Kia. Should have done it while buying 8.1 at 26,999. But its not about the money even if a person has bought it at 15k or something. As users said it try to give some hope about the updates are you doing it or not any tentative dates. Its only the user who make the brand like (one plus did). If we aren't satisfied then nobody is going to tell someone to buy nokia.

  • Arpit09 Arpit09
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    I don't know even if we are writing something here is taken any note of ?🤔

    Will something change or not ?

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